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Most skilled game?
You probably haven't played it lmao
Most skilled game?
It's sad how rocket league haven't got mentioned at all, or even as a honourable mention smh
Songs that give you the chills I can't care about the fact that Jaden's personality is quite unbearable, the music he puts out (only listened to Syre and post-Syre discography) is amazin...
My gf is pregnant
I mean its not me being a SJW who triggers on everything, it was just me expressing myself As far as my knowledge goes, I dont think finnish and hungarian people are look-alike, at all, but hey, there...
My gf is pregnant
I cant tell whether it is offensive to say or not, since hungarians do not look like finnish people at all, literally
r8 my top 20 favorite series
Yeah it is The premise of the series is to show everyone's origin story like how they become who they are now etc etc
r8 my top 20 favorite series
Then you should start it asap, probably the best series I have ever watched
r8 my top 20 favorite series
So that means I have to watch Daredevil to have the full lore to The Punisher? Heck that, I watched American Horror Story in the following order: s02, s05, s05, s03, s01, s06 (the sixth season came ou...
r8 my top 20 favorite series
The whole human-experiments-get-released-to-the-town-to-cause-chaos line was far away from me, since it was poorly executed imo But besides Jerome and Jeremiah, we got tons of amazing villains indeed,...
r8 my top 20 favorite series
I'm not into watching tv series, like it's hard for me to convince myself, idk why The only marvel series that I would like to watch is The Punisher, my friend told me that it is indeed amazing
r8 my top 20 favorite series
I would say they are equal, both has its ups and downs You should continue watching Gotham, the 3rd and 4th season is as great, if not better than 1 and 2 Just started watching the 5th, and so far, so...
r8 my top 20 favorite series
I have to disagree, season 3 was probably my favourite season, and if the 4th seasons first half werent that bad then it would have been the best one The Jerome/Jeremiah story line is amazing, and I a...
r8 my top 20 favorite series
Yo why did no one mentioned Gotham, it seriously is the best series I've ever watched 4th season's start was kinda lackluster, but besides that, it's an amazing show
Single game to play
Mad Max (the 2015 game), awesome atmosphere And already mentioned above, the new Wolfenstein games are brilliant, definitely recommended to play (Old Blood, New Order, New Colossus; play in this order...
Is veganism religion?
Just dont go after her, I had a vegan girlfriend and damn, when she had a vegan-seizure, shit was crazy