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go cry nap

WELcom to pro!

mouse: HP
Keyborad: dell
Headset: microsoft
operator system: window vista
Screen: panasonic 17"
computer: macbook
resolotion: 640x480
fps: 40-60
Graphix: all very low or low
Thank for read dont scam me i know

You probably come here because of one of the following reasons:
1. I destroyed you in an argument.
2. I expressed my dislike of your trolling and made you mad.
3. You wonder who this "no-life" is you see all the time.
4. You realize that I'm one of the few smart and reasonable people here.

If your reason is 1 or 2, feel free to leave a complaint down below in my guestbook. I won't even read it though.
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Bra71L -> Bra16-1L
Scandinavia 5 majors Na/SA 2 majors xDDD SUCH NAPS
NiP major win
Sweden 4 majors lol brazil on have 2 xdddd
What the hell is this admins?
Hello, thanks for the kind words man, i appreciate it very much.
What the hell is this admins?
I wonder too, its so weird
NiP major win
''just'' But still more than Sk :>
NiP major win
xDD sk fanboy is mad or what? you gon cry ;((( Fnatic 4 majors cry is free KID
NiP major win
Fnatic the best team in the world! Easy with 4 majors double as much as SK gaming :DD Double as much, double as good :)
It's not an excuse tyloo had 70 ping and still rekt them 2-0 EZZZ Cry man, please i want to hear you cry after you got raped by red dragon
Dont tell him guys!!! I will never tell you, scammers!
respect NSDAP
I do what???
respect NSDAP
Other than talking shit? So saying you are wrong = talking shit? Great logic there you fucking retard LMAO
respect NSDAP
How is it stupid? You dont know how the world would be if they won right? You dumb fucking autistic retard.
respect NSDAP
White flag? wut im not from france LOL. Are you mad because your little leftist argument arent working? Fucking moron LUL
respect NSDAP
Dont talk if i dont support your argument? haha you are so fucking stupid, what a moron. You are completely wrong in all your arguments, stay quiet kid.
respect NSDAP
Lmao that propaganda lie ''if you werent german etc'' no it wasn't, why the fuck are you lying to try and make your argument seem better? Pathetic kid.