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ugliest sounding languages
by that logic french is mandatory as well. It was the only 2nd language i could learn in secondary school
ugliest sounding languages
no, its not mandatory. English is but you can easily avoid learning german. You can learn french, spanish or even russian instead
LVL 6 faceit good ?
depends whether you play it for fun or you tryhard
G2 vs Incpvictjs
2ez4GodPerkz Final will be G2 vs Fnatic and G2 champion
G2 fix 100%
+kio would be nice i guess, but +Scream??? Oh boy, last time HLTV community wanted Ex6 as an IGL for G2 and there we go. I understand that shox didn't want to call but tbh Happy would be waaay better ...
VP top1 Poland
XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD At least you are funny
Astralis ruined CS
or except people who just like their playstyle and think they deserve all the victories they achive. Or maybe just thinks they aren't boring because, you know, different people like different things....
Astralis ruined CS
they were boring as fuck and they still are. You think they aren't boring because you like them.
Gambit Major winner LUL
Inviting VP
Either this was a terrible joke or we misunderstood. In case of the second one. Our Dutch friend uses term "legendary" to describe a team that was one of the best and had lots of successes in the past...
Inviting VP
Then what team is legendary in your opinion?
Inviting VP
VP has been proving you wrong for almost 1,5 year. I think thats enough
G2 new roster
1. "Every time" They were in the same team 2 times. In 2014 shox left (or was kicked idk) from Titan and replaced by Kenny. Then he kicked Ex6 in 2016 when their team was underperforming for pretty lo...
True Facts about VP
Only team that won 2 map Vs SK on Lan with fnx You didnt say "majors". You talked about lans, so he gave you lans ?????
Shox / Ex6tenz
i would prefere one of those three: kio, smithzz and bodyy to rpk. Why? Because they are good support players and when you have such a strong firepower you don't need more. You need someone to do some...