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So aight my negroes this acc is 10 year banned and I'll see you then.
FeelsPePeMan. Got 10 year for calling Tarik Watermelon Brain
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Patch notes -cache+cobble added chicken sweaters
Gob B
CS fan fic? Wat doink brozer?
maikelele GF holy shit
she doesn't look pure swedish. Also looks older. wat doink lele?
he's reporter this one. End this suffering
Gob B
Gobbie means blowjob in australia XD
CSGO Update will come in 2 hours!!!
Fucking season greetings incoming to CS as well as cobble coming back for some map or map pool finally expanding to 9 maps. Or maybe stays at 7 and cache goes away for the rework. Its gonna be cobble ...
I do imagine magisk kick in the future so that the hax duo can be turned into trio again on astralis
why has kjaerbye stopped hacking tho? Where's the jiggly jiggly gone?
no kng no major final
Sex machine
End of the women will be complete once we have proper artificial wombs and way to develop female zygote. Mr Indian Man unlike you,most upstanding mature men still want kids
HellRaisers vs Astralis
With astralis you know. If magisk or dupreeh get a kill, its due to skill. If there's eco spice, there's device. Then there's fucking xyp9x and gla1ve hacking their butt off on LAN. This only proves ...
HellRaisers vs Astralis
gla1ve so fucking trash. can't even utilize magisk properly. D&D are good without him and him and xyp9x are hacking their butt off
HellRaisers vs Astralis
fuck outta here 1v3 and 1v2 with initial hs from fast pixel peeks. Gla1ve and xyp9x can't stop hacking
Handegg vs football
The heat era was a beast. James bullrushing while wade highflies his way inside paint and Bosh buried accurate jumpers. Alos liked the time from 2007 to 2011 when howard used to bitchslap the ball, ko...
Give me a link