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China lose?
China strong, but India not wrong
are you happy ?
not really, thanks for asking
Shaving armpits
It makes you look sexy, but I would shave completely
lol or csgo?
both games are good and competitive and different gendre, so uncomparable
Good games that nobody knows
DiRT Rally The Suicide of Rachel Foster Papers, Please Mirror's Edge Catalyst
deagle nerf
not every time
Well, he is s1mple. Simple thinking. Make game simple -> aim heavy. I don't know what you expect of a simple guy
faze fix
-broky -rain -whoever is 5th +disband
Is it Racist?
races should not be mixed, but we are far beyong that point every race has special abilities and is designed to work best in their natural environment
free speech
freedom of speech is regulated by country or by rules of the website In UK you have freedom of speech on a box in a park for example. But full freedom of speech other than that doesnt exist. You can...
China lose?
From natural, animal point of view, it is inevitable, they are severely overpopulated. It means, both countries would benefit from all out war. Sad, but true. They also don't have normal democratic so...
Corona canceled?
Hongkong protests fixed China. Wait, that's impossible
Corona canceled?
yes, but that is what i mean under control, biggest problem is if you get a lot of cases from the beginning and you need to choose which people to save by going natural, i mean it will still spread a...
Corona canceled?
Countries that fought the virus from beginning now can chill. They managed to handle the pressure on health care system and now they can leave it go natural.
BIG #1
indeed, hltv ranking was never good