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You smoke?
About 1 pack and a half for day, stressfull job (I'm a van driver in the worst traffic in EU). In my free time I smoke less than 1 pack a day.
All the kids talking shit about Real but they forgot how Barcelona was helped by the refs back in 2009-2012...
top 10 awpers
Smithzz #1 /closed
Best porn genre
Wanna see me stick 9 inch nails to each one of my eyelids?
R8 My New Car
It's true, I paid 500 euros registration taxes only for a fucking 1.6 Opel bought from Germany.
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hating turks is stupid
>Be turk >Get raped by some kurds in sandals >Cant even hold your country toghether >Cry on a CS forum about how you will conquer the world The curent state of Turkey ladies and gentlemen ;)
He abused the alcohol for too many years, his brain is dead-weight.
R8 My New Car
Meanwhile in Europe we get taxed to the bone, so we have to buy 1.0 3 cilynder cuck engines or shitty diesel crap boxes. Fuck you EU and fuck your demonic taxes too.
8 hours, pfff I didn't know School Schedule in Germany is so damm crowded. If you can't fall asleep by 3 in the morning, you should stay at home. Trust me, if you go to school you will feel like absol...
How many hours are you going to spend at school tomorow? If it's like 2-3 it's ok, if it's 5-6 then you should stay at home.
Need anime to watch
Initial D
Including Mousesports not having Germans in their lineup :D
G2 would also become more offensive because Kenny would be unleashed.
New imt roster
They won a lot of tournaments in 2016 and 2017. Would you like SK to field players like Pimp and Cadian again?