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Little pig, little pig, Try harder.
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Am I suposed to feel humiliated or smth because you copy-pasted my comm?
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Nope, I wish I would be a kid again though.
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Not really fuckboys. Most "People" here are 13-15 year olds with fucking autism that try to be edgy and funny, when in fact they look cringy as hell.
I wouldn't buy a VW Golf tbh. The dual-mass flywheel needs replacing after 120-150k kilometres + the turbo and the Injectors seems to fail a lot. Did I also mention the DPF problems?
steel´s gf?
Steel in a relationship? He's suffering from crippling depression. He also seems to be a little bit autistic.
girl help
She lets her hang out with you and he's not jealous? Literally "cuck my shit up" stuff.
Why NA is better than EU
That kid shot up a school and then went to McDonald's. That is the most 'Murican thing I can think of :D
NiP 0 major
Devilwalk and Znajder: 1 major Niko and Guardian: 0 majors Top kek
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German citties are also multi-culty mein neger.
[IQ 100+] MATH PROBLEM!!!!!!!??!??!
I tell her: Babe, Tac0's not hot
He protecc bombsite He attac But most importantly: He Clutcc
NiP Laugh Thread
All you had to do was perma-bench Pyth and keep Maikelele back in 2016. You would have qualified for the Eleague 2017 Major 100 %. Fucking NIP management
Russian spetsnaz training
Spetsnaz means Special Forces in Russian. Wich group of special forces are you talking about? FSB? Alpha Group? The spetsnaz may be hardened in training but are not recomended to deal with hostage s...
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