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G2 win Major !
Why bring Man U into the discussion. I am getting confused
UMP45 vs AKS-74U
The CS.GO AK 47 looks more like another AK according to a video I once saw. Can't remember the details.
bestt hltv users?
Jonty....? Do you also believe in santa claus?
G2 win Major !
No I don't need to. You need to figure out the detaills yourself, instead of acting like a spoiled brat having everything delivered on a silver plate.
G2 win Major !
Dude, are they playing pug-style (2015) or tactical style (2019)? NRG has worse individuals than G2 and vitalilty, but yet they are a much more soild team, as they adapted, unlike the frenchies.
G2 win Major !
Only if Astralis are slacking. Navi tactics are inferior as fuck to an extent where you might claim them to be non-existent. I don't blame Zeus, I blame s1mple for acting like the brain is in the wris...
G2 win Major !
The big question is not whether they win or not, but as you suggest, whether they drop a map or not on their path to the title.
G2 win Major !
A swedish astralis fan.... Oh my, what has this world come to. I hope NiP wins it all, not a fanboy and I am danish, but I just think they deserve a major more than anything else. It's a missing piec...
G2 win Major !
Dude, the frenchies still play like it's 2015. They will never win a thing like that.
change major format
Geez, i typoed an entire word. Concept of seeding. I was barely awake at 10am, hadn't really slept..
change major format
Welcome to the concept of cheating.
Trump just fucked his party
To me it seems like you get trimmed to politics in general. In US, both major parties have a good handfull of top sponsors in common, it's always been like this. It's basically the same party with two...
Faze s1mple
Niko and S1mple on the same team will create problems. Then they only have 1½ player to bait with each, far under their standard of 4.
cristiano ronaldo
You are talking the guy living upstairs. ~55 years old bank worker, who not once let his facade drop during the 13 years I have lived here. He never had friends visiting him, not once. For some peopl...
Highest IQ player ever?
Intuition is a real thing, and not the slightest related to IQ. It's like the direct opposite of IQ. IQ is internal rationalization, intuition is sort of an external impression telling you the truth. ...