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I arent think that
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Wadu hek
Pickle rick BTW haHAA
send me good musics
https://youtu.be/XwZ6hBwTogg FeelsBadMan Clap /closed/
Op with the clickb8 titles
Top 20 br players?
israel palestine come here
No1 outside the middle east gives a flying fuck about the middle east . (Edit: there is 1 thing people care.. oil and natural gas )
Thanks mr faze
I come from the furniture, and I thanks mr faze for destroying SK
NASA bullshit again
Not related to the trash thread.... Did you know there is gravity in space :3
SK will win 3-0
Sk numba 1 now?
israel palestine come here
The thing is.... shit in a toilet is normal... but shit in a dinning room is not... Thats why it matters more when its in Europe rather thn in a random pakiland
israel palestine come here
In modern times, Palestine came before Israel altho..... During its existence it was known simply as Palestine, but, in retrospect, as distinguishers, a variety of other names and descriptors includin...
israel palestine come here
If you read further it was a political attack not a religion based attack..
israel palestine come here
Lmao your brain really is limited.. wouldn't you fight to get your country back.. israel is a country in stolen land from palestine... To give you a little example so ur tiny brain can understand.. i...
israel palestine come here
There is no problem OP.... the only issue is that israel shouldn't exist as their country's labd was basically stolen from palestine... but because the jews had US support palestine is seen has the ba...
FaZe HONEYMOON period is gone
Need a BO3 against top 5 teams to determine their placement... not a game against a top 20 team who plays anti set-ups
top5 players word 2017 preview
It's personal opinion tbh after 3rd place there's more thn 15 players who could really well be in 4th and 5th