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Bitcoin is a bubble
Unbeleivable . I'm actually gonna delete my account you made it very easy for me. I was considering this for some weeks anyway. This community is pure cancer . Literally 0 to gain and everything to lo...
Bitcoin is a bubble
Yeah what can you say. Dont you see that you only act like a scared chicken when it comes to btc usong the rhetoric of a regular ordinary idiot when you clearly deal with an extraordinary situation an...
Bitcoin is a bubble
Of course , another idiot who doesnt comprehend and goes to ad hominem instantly. Why do i even stay on this forum i wonder
Bitcoin is a bubble
The structure is more complex than that . Its not only one pillar to sustain it. And its getting bigger. If the bubble will survive 2018 it will be already to big to pop . What it scares me is the alt...
Bitcoin is a bubble
No , thats the reason plebs buy it. People who have massive investements in bitcoin want to revolutionate the markets and bitcoin has this potential. As the time passes , the risk of btc to drop sever...
Bitcoin is a bubble
Of course its a speculative bubble but thats not the point and it doesnt reduce its potential. It can bring a lot of benefits to the worlds economy if people are smart about it instead of ignorant.
Astralis vs FaZe
Whatever , you're a lost cause. Keep loading shit and insults towards the pro community and call people who bash you pathetic , it seems its your hobby . You must have a very happy life.
Astralis vs FaZe
Lmao you are so mad . Go get laid better, when i was your age i was out partying every week on a saturday night. Dont waste your time puking your teen frustrations on a forum , it doesnt help at all. ...
Energy Drinks
Enjoy diabetes , kids.
I wonder whats your tought process and your mental health.
Nice try. Pubg getting optimized lately , i will play even more if i have enough free time
ECS shit LAN
I literally dont care about any of those reasons and i'd suggest you to go get laid in the first place.
cs_Summit 2 Confirmed
Closet tournament
Astralis vs FaZe
My age is clearly stated in my profile and you're a frustrated virgin teenager 100%, its very easy to tell by your behaviour. Lying to yourself doesnt help you in life , kid.
Astralis vs FaZe
What arguments do you use ? You just use made up scenarios by your autistic not yet fully developed brain. You dont realize how pathetic you are , if the players you are talking shit about would see t...