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its true,fnx have potential to be #1 but not enough dedication
device better player overral but jugi better awper by far
so what ? because of jugi heroic it's still in top 100 teams
Spirit vs AVANGAR
typical retarded swe,thinking avangar care about this match when katowice is coming LUL
FaZe 2019
typical polish braindead,remove IGl for firepower
na'vi coud get not read they could get nothing going
-flamie -edward
dunno if its that,maybe s1mple way to good and make all look like bots ?
-flamie -edward
dont think they will do it anyway because bo1 matches onlines are to risky and won't lose legend spot for that
-flamie -edward
all gambit lineup need a leader,they cant focus on frag anymore,they need someone to lead them.dont overyhype adren,he is still top 3 in CIS even if he struggle now
-flamie -edward
If your not new to CS you have to admit seized was pretty good aswell,consistent,not doing stupid things,experienced,almost reached top 20 in 2016&2015,he even said on twtitter on the end of 2016 he w...
-flamie -edward
flamie used to be like hobbit now,he is not good anymore.totally shit all 2017 year.he can be good only vs tier 3 teams and mediocre vs t2.just he is not good anymore,like seized.
-flamie -edward
ofc u stop reading cuz u are russian mongoloid "maybe -zeus +ange1 aswell but they will lose the legend spot so no"
s1mple and navi
CIS have a lot of talents and players like edward and flamie are still in navi..i mean lmao.even if they would pick 2 qbf players navi would have more succes with them than with edward and flamie
-flamie -edward
s1mple and navi
+hobbit +adren dont underhype adren just because he is not a superstar anymore.they dont have a leader,no one on them can really focus on frag anymore.mou its good but there will be troubles who will...