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Pele and Coldzera
Still never forget 7-1 and 3 times 16-0.ur so proud of it
Nothing just typical hltv kiddos making topics about a player when they have an off game. Pasha played 1 shit map and next map played good so ofc people attack the most famous ones
do you know to read properly? damn you kids are a c@ncer! its easier to read than making a screenshot and then making a full topic about it
this just goes to what I've said, the team is good, but in important matches like finals they choke because poor igl without anti strats and poor tactics. they can beat any team out there but then the...
nitr0 the most toxiest EVER
he's right, an igl should show respect and show the team how to behave and not shit like this, this just shows once more that liquid need an igl, nitro is just a mm low iq igl
nitr0 the most toxiest EVER
Well this is what magisk does all the time, typical stupid kids, I agree it's so dumb to do such things
If they put simple first then they are clearly biased, simple said it himself, u can't be number 1 without winning major, and astralis did win this year, while Navi did not, so automatically simple ca...
Ofc it's not zews fault, zews is an amazing coach, but nitro needs to be replaced, or he goes to his normal role but they need a proper igl, it's so stupid that they got rid of igl and then awper to h...
liquid fans
C9 has more trophies that liquid what are u even talking about? And major > any trophy even if it was a fluke. What has liquid only 1 tier3/4 tournament
Liquid will beat any team
Well it's kinda true, but saying liquid has no fans is a bit too much, and at least they try and show that they can beat anyone but then choke in the finals, like wtf since liquid was born in csgo the...
Yes usa usa usa get fucked in home soil 3-0
Astralis Era Confirmed
you are so proud of being a Danish viking that you have to fake flag, nice one
there is a difference on immigrant born there and an actual immigrant just "working" like taco for example, but anyway ur iq too low holly fuck, wasting my time. so Brazilians should chant, brazil bra...
you are so nationalists and proud of usa, that's why chant usa usa and not just liquid, like any other fans from other teams will do, you chant usa usa but team is full of immigrants, just shows ur lo...
well usa is a 3rd world country anyway so yeah. just by you thinking that usa is better than another country when you guys chant usa for immigrants, you are so proud of usa are so nationalists but in ...