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[18+] best pornstar?
August Falls dam
muslims come here
god doesn’t exist in any kind of form, unless its f0rpg0d
zombie apocalypse
i would suck a dick off a skin for a zombie apocalypse, i guareantee noone would shoot, eat, baseball to the head me. a dream
why are religious people such hypocrites
+1, religion is there just to explain the non-explainable for the older ages, +some fairytales here and there
True facts that ignorants people are afraid of
+1, good thing that we still have people who thinks like this.
good site to buy skins?
not really smart to spend money on virtual skins in a game=d i’m guilty of it myself, but it’s your hard-earned money=d
Countries that should not exist
God exists?
Bible says that there is unicorns, and that 2 penguins walked 8000km to an ark. "When was the last time you saw a man walk on water, calm a storm, or make a man rise from the dead?" - That hasn't ha...
God exists?
The people that don't believe in scientific proofs - evolution, dinosaurs, planets in our solar system truly saddens me=d Creationists are even worse who believe that the earth is like 5k yrs old=d
fucking visa
fuck visa, why don't pro players use paypal? are they stupid
that's pretty gay
Pros 100% cheating on lan
Yeah, [?]athletes could be using something[?] not versed enough on this topic, but in high level cs:go matches you just can't in my opinion, + if they get caught, they're putting everything on the lin...
Pros 100% cheating on lan
The type of people who believe that anyone could cheat on lan are the ones that believe that earth is flat, it's simply impossible=]
Best players CS?
1.6/5 - HeatoN, SpawN, F0rest, Gtr, elemeNt, Neo CS:GO - s1mple, devve, cold, olof CS:S - ? Shox, RpK..?
Chair Smells Of Ass
try putting your whole chair in foil and keep it for a couple of years, the distinguishable smell of shit will go away in no time, promise