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Renegades vs Grayhound
It‘s not like they played convincingly vs TM yesterday - however I still expect them to win the series anyway
Renegades vs Grayhound
sterling played quite poorly the majority of this game but in the last couple rounds he really stepped up and made the difference 👌🏻
Imperial vs Wild
Round over - Winner: CT (5 - 5) - Enemy eliminated tifa killed land1n with usp_silencer (headshot) dzt killed KHTEX with deagle (headshot) tifa killed PKL with usp_silencer KHTEX killed SHOOWTiME with...
Imperial vs Wild
Round over - Winner: CT (7 - 7) - Enemy eliminated tifa killed tatazin with usp_silencer (headshot) tatazin + destiny (assist) killed zqkS with ak47 (headshot) tatazin + KHTEX (assist) killed dzt w...
Ghost vs Luminosity
the twins haven‘t really convinced me recently tbh
London vs Endpoint
ovp, inf, mrg, cche, d2
Kyrgyzstan vs word_exe
2:0 word before now this oof
Rejected vs Wild
EZ 2:1 inc since this is lower bracket these pathetic imbeciles that call themselves semi-pros cant afford to throw the series
Rejected vs Wild
loooool wild back at it again
electronic father LUL :D
Envy vs Luminosity
hahaha what a pathetic game
RAVE vs pro100
get some help
Fragsters vs Rogue
"HS has arrived at the venue in Atlanta and we’ve allowed Fragsters a little more time before we get the match going against Rogue here at #DHOpen"
Fragsters vs Rogue
If you`re gay say: "the desk just said lifedance is playing are u even watching ?"
Fragsters vs Rogue
yeah cuz Estonia -> NA is such a short travel "he knew about the lan weeks ago" no thats bullshit he is a last second standin cuz Bubski seems to be hella ill he was informed fucking yesterday