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Atheists, jew etc. weren't killed because of their religion. Religion were respected by the empire, as long as they were not commiting crime. Stop giving informations that isn't correct.
TURKS onliners
Well your behavior isn't great either.
TURKS onliners
how much did u lose?
SuperStitum wtf?
Superstitum is a turk, but he is born and living in Denmark.
Hang out with friends/family, eat at a restuant, watch movie etc. YOu dont need alcohol to have fun.:)
Best religion?
Yes Si Da Ja Evet
Best religion?
It is a religion kinda, atheism means that You dont "believe" there is a god.
i cant gain weight
Do u train or anything? If yes, maybe u should take a pause. In same you should have 3 meals every day. It might be help, if not the only thing I have in mind, u should contact a doctor or something.
Eating with hands? Dude there are lot of turkish food where u are eating with ur hands like cig köfte, lahmacun etc. Bad argument if u can ask me.
fuck off
Assimililate? Nope, but I am integrated. And maybe after few decades, Denmark will become like US, multiculturism.
fuck off
True, but I expect a proper answer, btw I guess rizasugaan is your alt+tab account.
fuck off
Okay brother, did I ask about your opinion?
fuck off
Yeah wazzup. I ama turk who is born in Denmark, I am not leaving my roots.
fuck off
Attention whore...
Eating pork
It's because pig is not a clean animal, and it's not only pigs there are forbidden in Islam, many predators and shellfish are forbidden.