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-Amanek or -JACKZ
jackz also can lose maps by himself though... but yeah i guess amanek is worse
-Amanek or -JACKZ
imagine NiKo wouldnt know who he is replacing and then its really his cousin lol
the players are on the server, nobody else. ofc its his fault
Faze - +
-rain -niko if he still wants to "igl"
FaZe 0-6
it looks like they just dont care. maybe they are good players, but they dont play like a team at all. 0 teamplay, 0 chemistry, it makes no sense to always change the 5th player as excuse when that gu...
Lowst IQ Orgs
cloud9 from major winner to literally 0 relevant in such a short time has to be rank 1 for me tbh. I dont really know if we can call FaZe or Mibr stupid, maybe they just dont care, who knows.
Valve fix
valorant is just as shitty as csgo i just played my first match after 1 month. Found a game after 2 seconds, 4 of 5 enemies had a 150 ping. Like why do i play vs some 3rd world country when im from ...
Bymas > rain
maybe faze is playing wrong ... i feel like every player who joins faze becomes worse than before.
Messi is overrated
tbh i just saw his scoring stats in a video yesterday .... if it is about individual stats, he is the goat.
Starix accusations - Flusha cheated???
true they arent. but it is at least very weird that flusha has so many dodgy clips while other pros like for example forest or device, who play cs just as long as him or even longer, have close to 0 d...
Flushha's answer to accusations
i dont accuse pro's of cheating, we will never really know since cs has no valid anti cheat. But the amount of flushas weird / dodgy clips over the years are pretty big while others like forest or dev...
Flushha's answer to accusations
true. especially for people who already got banned multiple times
Flushha's answer to accusations
i played cod4 with bcko like 10 years ago, i think this guy got banned for cheating at least 5 times back in the days