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rip ESL?
but i think NBA is different. It still has more variety, because the good and bad teams switch up so often. That wont really happen in our football.
if you have 10 kills and 6 of them are headshots you have 60% headshot rate, this stat doesnt really tell anything
when -mirage
i dont know but yes, maybe that would be a good idea. current mirage is basically just brown, its booring
when -mirage
it should get a visual rework at least, even if they dont change the map at all
HenryG parts ways with Cloud9
expected ... nobody would hire me as baker just because i like to eat cake. It was obv it couldnt work out with henryG and c9
f0rest wtf
it looks like forest is just playing for fun these days and he's still destroying tryhard teams in his age. pretty insane
Jamppi Valorant
I think it was his best choice to stay in a pro scence. But i also think a lot of ex-cs pros will fail in valorant when the game evolved a bit more
CSGO skill peak top10
flusha cheated though, olof and gtr didnt.
Top 5 aimers of all time
i think forest. he also had insane aim when he wasnt even that active or played shit like dota some hours before matches. simple, niko etc are probably better but only when they are constantly puttin...
hahahah Astralis top1
2021 and people still dont understand the hltv ranking system, it hurts..... it really hurts
Flamie hate
maybe the worst player shouldnt play solo bombsites
Flamie hate
they will never win a major if 3 of 5 player are just decoys to get 1 frag and die lol