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How much is your outfit?
i just buy cheap stuff.... only my shoes are expensive since i have too big feet for cheap ones LUL
wintersports?? (which is no real sport for me though)
ScreaM Overrated?? LOOOL. (No)
pro -probably the best tap aim in the game contra -tap aim insanely inconsistent due to daily form -average movement -average gamesense -predictable gamestyle Is he overrated? Imo yes cause there ar...
The real GOAT
cold is actually dogshit when the team isnt 100% playing for him and his playstyle (as we see right now), nip is way too random to just play around 1 or 2 guys and simple is literally playing 1on5 for...
ScreaM AIM > NiKo AIM
oh pls, like hs % would matter anyways...... niko dropping 20-35 frags nearly every game while scream is at something like 9-18?! ofc he has a better hs percentage
Ronaldo 3 goals vs Spain, Messi 0 vs Iceland
messi will become "MVP" again though, like last time when he did nothing as well xD
No more BR events.
no place for terror when you already in the top 10 of highest crime rates anyway
CZ isn't op
when i see pro's with full gear literally getting shreddered by a cz force buy its clearly a broken gun. You cant argue with players dont know how to counter it when even the best teams lose several r...
if they play like this in 3-5 months then yeah, but atm its just fact
new team, shox after surgery, smith after long period of not playing -> everyone flaming G2 XDDDD
Best duo inc
i was looking for past 3 months
Best duo inc
well 1.40 rating and 0.92 kpr for simple is insane, but electronic would be #1 in literally every other team with his stats ( 1.27 and 0.81) so i guess we could call them best duo. Its actually impre...
draken is no upgrade to skadoodle at all nbk could happen though
Why Draken
NIP LEKR0 confirmed
maybe f0rest again, but i wouldnt be a fan of that