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Cloud9 vs SK
it should have an internal seeding so specific draws are not possible, just like in Champions League. It makes no sense to let #3 play #2 and later #4 when other matches are like #15 vs #12 for exampl...
Cloud9 vs SK
after the faze game i think c9 will lose ... i also start doubting the swiss system. It should not be possible for top 4 teams to play each other over and over again, while other teams literally get f...
NiKo disrespectful?
they should like each other, both threw away their only chance to win a major vs MVP PK
pasha is a wizard, looking like silver 2 ingame for a lot of rounds and still ends as the 2nd best player xD
i dont see the point in -igl +another onliner / groupstage king (when they already got niko)
-jw +twist
xizt can frag LUL didnt see that in the last 4 years vs MVP PK
pasha is on drugs, this cant be real xDD vs MVP PK
its not even his aim, he is fucking running while shooting like a silver 1 XD vs MVP PK
byali cant even throw mollis anymore, probably cause its not used in pubg that often ...
fnatic vs TyLoo
Fnatic laugh thread
this is hilarious, they almost beat any team online and cant even win vs tyloo on lan rofl
Astralis vs Liquid
nitro is dogshit with awp, too. no difference at all now, liquid still has a bot ...well they even got 2 with steel
Astralis vs Liquid
great idea from liquid to remove their awp and let a rifler play awp, who is not able to play it
G2 trolling
4 frags nifty is right where he belongs xD
gambit fix
i actually didnt understand the -fitch +seized move at all. Fitch isnt really great ofc, but seized is washed up and 100% out of form, he is no upgrade in any way