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NIP OUT?????????????
why would it? does someone care in football? or basketball? or any sports? no. If you win 1-0 you get 3 points ... if you win 6-0 you also get 3 points, it doesnt matter.
My life is so good
im playing csgo since 2013 and didnt place a single bet so far. Also didnt buy any skins Edit: bought 30€ costume in black desert online though, fuck me
Top3 fav maps
Nuke Overpass Cache / D2
Faze problem
you mean 0/16 ?
Faze problem
niko cant igl rain / olof very on - off broky not experienced on top level cs coldzera toxic and probably wants teammates to bait for him as usual
nerf doors
well everyone else can do it as well i guess.
can you clearly tell they are clean now? well scream probably is since he went from T1,5 to T4
aerial : "aleksib was the problem, he was bad so we kicked him" also aerial: 0.92 rating, 0.57 KPR
it was so funny coming from Aerial who is complete dogshit right now without aleksib
well once a cheater ...
ENCE biotrash
i think it was a 200 IQ move because this will become historic. It was the most retarded roster move in the history of csgo and ENCE will be remembered for this!
ENCE real problem
they were a solid top 5 team but the players wanted too much. They are just not better, they were at the maximum and they made the wrong decision. Instead of keeping this level they wanted more and no...
REAL top 20
na i just think the first spot should go to a player who actually does some shit on tournaments and not to a fpl stomper
REAL top 20
stopped at 1. simple
Who's the best awper in CSGO history?