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is 15-16 cm from groin a good size?
is 15-16 cm from groin a good size?
i have 33 cm dick and 3 cm girth, can confirm that girls laugh about it....untill its sticking in their anus, then they cry
nothing, he got paid to give ass
15 years from now
probably not in 15 years but the tendency is there yes. I wonder when the big companies realize that its not working to have more and more people on earth and less and less jobs, cause everything is d...
Anti Cheat
vac doesnt even detect some of the free hacks ... they arent even trying and thats the sad point. If they at least spend some ressources into it, but nope, they just dont give a fuck. Oh you want a...
Why you ask for unban???
they abused an abusive system, its not like they killed someone. They just scammed some kiddies who spent dads money, i guess 1 or 2 years ban are surely enough.
Why you ask for unban???
Will f0rest win another major
i bookmarked this in 2014, still didnt come true
new Ttop 5
i just wanted to make bra71lians mad They are still top but the point stands, they dont really win tournaments. They are always Top 4 and get money yeah fine, but in the end it matters who wins and...
new Ttop 5
People still act like SK is relevant rofl, when did they win their last tournament? Its like a year ago
The New German Nation
thats what you get when you lose 2 world wars i guess ... -.-
Liquid add new fifth!
leaving t2 team to join a t3 team would be the next career step for him, thats true
Gym people or athletic people join the thread!
i eat burger every day, what do you suggest to eat instead?
flusha xD