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Mouz Frozen
Bro your country is smaller than my wiener
WINTER is over?
17°C in Netherlands
Red Reserve vs Windigo
With sayf and HS in a bo3 against Windigo? Expected odds.
Vitality vs Valiance
@HLTV LETN1 is playing not emi
iPhone SE
I have iPhone SE for 2 solid years now, no problems with it whatsoever, worth the price imo. Can definetly recommend it.
SJ vs cats
jOELZ online? I think that.
Bravado vs x6tence Galaxy
Thank you for the good odds I guess.
loss of aviici was harder then any other loss
I'm not even bothering with reading his messages. And yes people are biased because they have emotions for their idols. Just like how u are biased towards X, not taking anything away from him but I do...
loss of aviici was harder then any other loss
Finally, now in other news, everyone has other tastes in musics. Weird, ikr? U can find some random guys better than Avicii but that's not true, their music can appeal to you but the artist whose musi...
loss of aviici was harder then any other loss
''I don't listen to music a lot'' ''I listen to 200 rap songs a day'' >pick one
loss of aviici was harder then any other loss
#79 aeaeaeaeaeae "I can't name cause I don't listen to music a lot, there is always someone better, lmao." The fact that u say that 6-10 hours is not a lot makes you retarded and thus making all your...
Best 1 player scenes?
Typical NaVi
Like level 10 faceit players have teamwork or don't peek for no reason
Typical NaVi
Look dumbass, it's not all about ''aim'', It's also about teamwork, watching demo's, adapting playstyles for opponents, knowing when and where to use utility and being able to trade others or being ab...
AGO dind't even attend a Tier 2 LAN, so how can they be Tier 2 if they just play some low level tournaments and only good team they beat is Gambit and that was once again, online.