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I like kng but, difference between passion and threatening someone life (even if it was just online)
pro players gays?
You're right about everything you said, I wasnt getting the figure from liberal propaganda it was some govt consensus or some .gov or .org that ran a legitimate study; I can't remember where and don't...
pro players gays?
#103... and... trangender, black, wtf are you talking about? I'm saying strictly statistically speaking it doesn't matter the color of their skin or gender, around 10% of the population is gay or cons...
pro players gays?
why do you care? yes there are gay pros... it is statistically impossible for there not to be... but you think they would come out and say they are gay knowing this community is immature and toxic? ha...
is that gay?
FAK! Well I have been with more girls in my life than guys so maybe you are right... thanks for advices my belgian waffle friend <3
is that gay?
Test is broken.... say im 30% gay but I'm actually probably 70% gay and 30% straight..... need new test plz
[NHL] Stanley Cup
go stars
im not gay
I say the same thing everyday
Cant open my console
Press ~
bisexual people
yeah there is a lot i dont understand about it. i dont be a douche i just say i dont understand. i know gender dysphoria is real i just dont fully understand is all.
bisexual people
I agree. I'm gay but I dont really understand the transgender thing.... sometimes I feel bad for not understanding but I just dunno
bisexual people
im super comfortable. I dont care what hltv thinks, I have the best life, but I do hope hltv will change and be more accepting. would be a cool thing to see. this thread is quite surprising. there are...
bisexual people
im reading this shocked honestly.... i never knew HLTV could have this conversation. we even have people being honest about if they been with same sex before. WHOA. since everyone is being honest, I...
+1 :)
I agree maybe not that much money but def some sort of reward.