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Blast Istanbul vs ESL One NY
Money isn't a problem for top teams. The astralis players already got an estimate of 355k USD each just from prize money this year. Thats without counting salaries which usually is way above average.
Blast Istanbul vs ESL One NY
Astralis already commented on the grand slam. They don't priorities it. If they get it, awesome, but their goal is to win tournaments. Also, another intense event already wouldn't be good for device...
Blast Istanbul vs ESL One NY
I'm surprised that none of you guys have realized what the intention of the blast format is.
Blast Istanbul vs ESL One NY
1. Device's stomach problems. To much travel time to New York which results in unnecessary stress which literally is the cause of his illness. 2. Rfrsh. I don't think astralis is in anyway forced to ...
North #1 dd2 team?
Mibr>Mouz>North>Astralis>Mibr Its a paradox
North #1 dd2 team?
And MIBR 16 - 6 mouz on dd2.
So what if it is like that? life is here to be lived. If thats how someone likes to live, let them.
That and we danes is proud of anything we do internationally.
DEAD game with proof
Yeah. Now when the major is done im able to conclude that there were a 250k drop in peak viewers at the grand final. But the other matches had like a 100k increase so there was an increase in recurrin...
Real Astralis fans come
You don't need to have a hltv account to be a fan. I've been a dignitas/TSM/Astralis fan since cologne 2014, a few months after i bought csgo
Device MVP of the major
Device, Dupreeh and Magisk could all three have gotten the MVP and still deserved it. There is no clear cut MVP at this major, it was a team effort.
We are top 1 now!
Dude chillout, he's right, you're ruining our rep!
DEAD game with proof
Spreading knowledge, bait or not
astralis fans
Fan of Astralis core since 2014 cologne major
Question about HLTV ranking experts
You cant compare the different scenarios since the circumstances always is different. Every point gained is relative to other teams performances. Na'Vi and FaZe both failed even more in stockholm than...