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Ask a Dane about Denmark
Thought u meant the word ;)
Ask a Dane about Denmark
It is more likely that older danish people will understand german because they had to watch television in german for any good television.
Ask a Dane about Denmark
since it's supposed to be a russian word i think you're right
fnatic vs FaZe
Saying "I stopped using hltv 1 year ago" in a post he found while browsing on hltv
Worst major incoming
That doesn't fix the randomizer problem but rather worsens it though
Worst major incoming
Doesn't change the fact that I didn't get any major vibe like previous majors.
Worst major incoming
Flash is shit and NV had a sick player but avangar played well against other teams. I do agree that QBF had the easiest path to the major and might not deserve it but how would u like them to pick the...
Worst major incoming
The only problem i see with USA is the visa issues
Worst major incoming
If u lose 3 bo1's out of 5 possible then that team shouldn't be at a major.
Worst major incoming
+1 +1 +1 +1 +1 I saw one comment about the PGL being one of the greatest majors despite of the technical problems and i was like "u wat m8?" I mean.. It just felt like any other top tier tournament, n...
Tiers atm explained
SK beats FaZe and tops the ranking = OMG SK IS SO GOOD NO1 CAN BEAT THEM THEY ARE NEXT LEVEL CS, BEST TEAM ALL CS HISTORY but if G2 beats SK = They only beats SK in bo1s, they played after the break,...
fer, coldzera, NiKo and?
Since u brought up the ranking: Brazil (207 million) * 1st * 26st * 27th Denmark (5 million) * 3rd * 9th * 16th I'd also like to mention the 3 retards on 100T.
fer, coldzera, NiKo and?
His impact was N/A in late 2017, not 0. And it doesnt matter since device had 11 out of 12 1.13+ rating events while fallen had 10 out of 19 1.13+ rating events. Tell me, what is better? 90% or 50%?
semmler quit?
Did u just assume SurpriZe's gender?!?
When u look at some of his highlights, his aim is kinda shaking. I'm pretty sure that this is why most people call him a cheater.