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device > kennys Look at stats plz
top5 games/series in your opinion
No specific ranking. Just those games i love and loved. Assassins Creed. cuz i spend billions on collector editions nowadays. Kingdom Come: Delieverance. History ftw ;) great rpg! The Witcher 3. ...
Astralis - cs:go Eleague premier
You must be kidding, right? Cloud9 with 2 standins, MIBR with 1 new player. Liquid usually puts up a bigger fight but I dont really see them beating Astralis. Its an easy group. And astralis should w...
Thorin & Zeus
Thorin even wrote that Zeus is a great igl. But only 4 matches with 30+ kills in regulation for 4 years is bad. Not inconsistently good but rather consistently bad/average. Thorin has a point wether ...
GOT best tv show ?
Astralis #1
So basically he called himself ignorant.
Astralis vs Natus Vincere
True xD
Astralis vs Natus Vincere
Is it just me or did they pick astralis' 3 best maps?
Can Astralis be stopped?
Notice how he only said is and not was. ;) but yeah. That is true.
Can Astralis be stopped?
He was only lurking so kjaerbye could entry.
riddle me this
You can't just add your dollar to the debt. Here's what you should do, you give your one dollar to your mom, now they have 3$ and you owe them 97$ which are in the jacket. You can't just add real doll...
JUGI cheater
I expected a comment like this. 2 options either you're baiting or you're stupid and paranoid. Either way, you're wrong.
JUGI cheater
So you're saying that whoever he killed have faster reactions than aimbot
JUGI cheater
It's obvious that he don't cheat on this clip. If he had aimbot then he'd be the first one to shoot.
JUGI cheater
But he did know where he was shot from? Since he could see one place and hear that it didn't come from behind or beside him leaving one spot left.