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Trump not racist
NiP - North
As a counter, North played really well against NiP and BIG.
NIP OUT?????????????
Right! Because HLTV is affiliated with ESL! Waait..
Some of your politicians literally agreed with the danish ones when we decided that we needed to have border control at our border. They did so because they realize that the swedish crime problem is i...
Top 5 Eras
Eras has nothing to do with how much you achieve in a short span of time. Its about how long you can keep achieving much.
But the US can't even build passenger planes without them crashing xDD
I honestly miss the old VP.
Astralis fixes
I don't think they don't wanna win, I just think they're worse at handling pressure than we thought. Or maybe the pressure is just higher than its ever been.
Astralis fixes
A tournament that is way more forgiving
racist refrezh
So if someone with an ethnicity in africa or asia have their nickname on steam be something like Johnson or Müller, thats racist? No fucking way. See if I give a fuck if someone calls themselves Johns...
I could get behind that. Heroic has showed top 15 like performances lately and with norths facilities and more experience, they should definitely be able to get consistent top 10 if not top 5.
ASTRALIS - 1st to be kicked
Device, dupreeh and xyp own 5% each. Don't think magisk nor gla1ve has any ownership. And also, zonic has full authority to kick players as he please.
Fnatic BO6 FINAL
They should just keep single elimination in playoffs.
EU not 1st world
And the UK will have problems getting their basic needs fulfilled. Like food and stuff.
EU not 1st world
If they don't get a deal with EU it'll hurt the UK more than the rest of us.