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People who speak multiple languages come here
yep that's true dude. that's why I said idk what were you thinking because there too many factors when making this kind of decisions but as he said he had the option for other languages, he should tak...
People who speak multiple languages come here
idk what are you thinking off but professionally you will do better with asian cultures in general than european ones, at least on the european market. also idk if he is studying a language because he...
People who speak multiple languages come here
go for chinese instead, will be a lot more usefull in short/medium term.
Need a laptop
buy tablet and save the rest for drugs.
Should married gays be able to adopt children?
yes if they pass serious psychological exames.
I'm a millionaire
asking your parents money to buy expensive skins doesnt make you rich, your father can still go broke before you put ur hands on the prize.
Best europe country to live in?
depends on a lot of things. what weather you like, what languages you speak, if you are looking to migrate and get a better job or you already have the money and job doesnt matter, what kind of places...
when twitch uses ninja channel to ad other streamers without even asking him and then ban a guy for saying pidar in a joke. thats what fortnite is doing with the internet, we cant even talk "bad" coz...
OFFSET vs The Final Tribe
russia talking about manners in csgo :-)
>fortnite >real life pick one
red meat
yeah become a vegan like 2 persons in my work and get sick every month and problems in your blood.
what do you mean by leftists? is the politic spectrum changed in your country? normally parties from the right are the ones concerned about economy only.
smoking should be illegal
you are confused, the only thing you take from fast food is the same you have from smoking, just a pleasure. "You suppress your craving for the drug." - this is a pleasure itself you understand that ...
smoking should be illegal
you are wrong, pleasure and benefits can be the same because pleasure is a benefit you take from something. and if that was the question, how macdonalds gives you any benefits in your way of thinking?...
smoking should be illegal
you think so? ok, so smokers are just stupid af and dont take any pleasure by smoking, they just do it because yes. thats not how it works soldja.