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Social Phobia
but why people would hate you? is it because your personality? coz the way you look? you think you are a bad person? coz you are shy?
yo baguette everything was the same before every single one of the things you mentioned there. have you thought the other way? maybe they did all of that in reaction of beeing hated and getting shitt...
wtf are you saying. you dont disrespect someone just based on his nationality and you dont need to earn respect coz you are brazilian or german or whatever. if you dont get the point of what gaules sa...
Porn and Sex
you probably been banging the same girl a lot thats why
Queso vs Giants
you are actually really dumb dude lool go outside to see the world and stop with your retard bets you waste of life.
Queso vs Giants
how much? :-) and btw just for curiosity any girl from your family have been raped already? :-)
Valorant fans come here
i dont really know. i played the game at beta and when it came out for like a month and watched the tournments happening and all casters were calling some ex r6 players and they were destroying all ex...
Valorant fans come here
mixwell is doing great. dont think ex cs pros are all great coz they arent. even r6 players are rekting them.
is this thing even used nowadays? ive learnt this at a languages course in uni like 7 years ago, thought this was like an oldschool way to make websites. edit: you can def do it in 6hours if you just...
3080 card
why you have a 2070 to play cs in the first place? also you will get 0 more fps with that upgrade. if you play other games that are based on gpu, sure go for an upgrade but 3080 isnt worth it, look al...
Queso vs Giants
ez for god fox
sAw vs Endpoint
they lost to EP on this qualifier already so i dont think they would be that confident they would ez win
Movistar Riders vs mousesports
Goo Riders!!!