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Congrats device
you are trying too hard 0/8
Congrats device
White girls
fuck school
-34C is around -30F so there isnt much difference
Best City Builder game
Cities: Skylines for sure
Unhappy Astralis players
org only gets money by sponsors, merch and that stuff
Unhappy Astralis players
even it is not as expensive as that in luxembourg, what are you on?
MM is unplayable
I have to say that I didnt meet a cheater on mm in weeks, maybe it is your trust factor or the most possible answer: you are exaggerating and a little crybaby that hates valve on every little thing be...
What teir am i?
32 or 64 slots battleroyale?
the map is 16384x16384, it is a quarter of the maximum possible size of a map by the source engine also I am sure that there are new maps on the way just a matter of time, I would call this a test ru...
well then maybe fortnite is better for you than cs, they have new content everytime
people just blindly hate valve at this point, if I were them I would have gave up on this shitty community years ago, believe me I havent seen any other community more hateful and pessimistic than thi...
Man hits her PREGNANT wife while on stream
she was fucking annoying and provoking him even though he told her to leave but that doesnt justify his actions and especially physical abusr, both are fucking stupid and not mature enough to be paren...
I hate when I see threads like this, at least say who should have had if you dont think he deserved it