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HAVU vs Dignitas
Haha Dig stands no chance at all. Not even with Get_Right
Liquid vs 100 Thieves
Rofl Liquid what a bunch of doofs. Lost to this, I am not surprised.
MAD Lions vs MIBR
This is true. NA is a joke in comparison
Complexity vs Vitality
What on God's green earth is this?? CoL in final?
G2 vs BIG
I'm not a fan of BIG, I'm a fan of SyrsoN. That being said, I'm glad BIG won
G2 vs BIG
BIG in final? What is this, some fairytale bullshit?
Natus Vincere vs Vitality
Vitality 2-0 Navi. Cash me outside after the match, how bout dat!
Chaos vs Recon 5
It's NA cs, it's bo1, it's online, it's Chaos vs Underdog with 6-0 and 3.0 odds. If there ever was a time to play the odds it would be now
North vs Heretics
^This is true
fnatic vs Movistar Riders
I once saw Movistar play some of the best Train game I've ever seen, although it's quite a while ago. Also they beat Faze on Ovp not long ago. If Fnatic don't prepare properly and bring their A game w...
Mythic vs AA
Fl0m is more concerned with streaming than winning. If you ever feel delusional enough to wager your money on Mythic, take a deep breath and say to yourself "Mythic is trash, Mythic has Fl0m" and save...
Keep the Comms Up vs Polar Ace
This is trash NA cs. Always bet on the underdog or else you'll be dissapointed
Keep the Comms Up vs Thunder Logic
Why is this shit even on hltv? Nova league. Just bet on all the underdogs cause they're all shit
Complexity vs Vitality
Over 2,5 maps safest bet
They seriously picked D2 against G2???