why the hell do i need a Biography
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renegades top 1
its ez to see, JKS is the best player in the world..... and naf is alright i guess
mousesports vs FaZe
fnatic won
Top 2 AWPers in your country
dude alistair is pretty good
AU MM servers down
i care buddy we tried p[laying league last night we were that bored
[FIXED] Fnx, Felps or Boltz?
why the fuck so little with felps, he is by far the best player out of them and they apart from the 2nd and 3rd tourni had incredible results
fnatic vs OpTic
they wont, they wont even win 14 total rounds..... they have 0 system and rely on magisk having monster impact
fnatic vs OpTic
why is this so close...... it will be 2:0 fnatic 100%
kennyS ex gf leech?
that explains why kenny hates Konfig hahahahahahaha
best player of all time (CSGO)
couldn't agree more
best player of all time (CSGO)
stfu and go back to your shit hole country
best player of all time (CSGO)
i agree completely my fav player ever in both versions but gotta give the edge to olof
best player of all time (CSGO)
no the achievement both by wins and individually by olof are higher..... and he has a longer tenure, and at his peak was miles better than cold at his peak so how the fuck does 6 months of average pla...
best player of all time (CSGO)
obv a bait but in case you are autistic cold has been relevant since june 2k15 olof has been a top player since early 2013
best player of all time (CSGO)
thank you
best player of all time (CSGO)
why is kennyS on this and shox isnt, that is a fucking travesty and the fact you morons pick cold over olof shows you started watching late 2015 early 16