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GuardiaN best AWPER
the best awper in the world right now is oskar
GuardiaN best AWPER
GuardiaN is one of the best AWPer in the planet. fixed. you're welcome.
aaaaaaaaaaand a karambit is gone
old teams you miss
1.6 ESC Gaming and 1.6 Na'Vi
kNgV- pls kill TACO.
SK's lineup is pretty different than immortal's, they've kicked fnx because of a irresponsable behavior aswell. kNg wouldn't last long.
cold #1 not SK
right now my main thought is what i'm going to eat
Coldzera ruined SK
hes just baiting hes temmates "but he topfrags everygame..." typical fan who cant see that he rages at his teammates, doesnt follow team instructions, overpeek all the time and does whatever he wants...
NiKo > s1mple
No doubt. s1mple is a great player but he is not even close to niko's skills.
damn he is looking good
Brazilians playing 15 hours per day
So you saying that to be best you must sleep all day and don't play at all? Oh, I think I got it.
faze owner
still better than FaZe don't you think?
SK fix to begin an era
shit u got me
SK fix to begin an era
boltz it's a suport/trader player and taco an entry, how could this work out? If you would said "move felps to entry" it will be a big mistake because felps doesn't have at least 50% knowledgement of...
faze owner
It could happen but till there SK will lift at least 3 more trophys and FaZe, let me see... none :'( too sad to be true, huh? hahhaa
faze owner
FaZe's owner is Temperrr, he is a brazilian guy who lives in LA, he is just nerfing FaZe for SK by signing olof and guardian and it's working. /close