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Daily cs prac
youre literally responding to every single comment on here lmao shouldnt you be shooting bots rn?
Daily cs prac
what does your flair has to do with anything? youre just out here flexing like: look at me, im wasting 3 hours each day to be nobody
Daily cs prac
imagine putting around 3 hours each day into warmup yet being noname shitter cuz youre not realizing you should find a team instead of meaningless shooting
VITALITY FIX ?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?
if vitality needs any changes it would be getting rid off rpk and adding someone like kio
Asap Rocky Sweden
literally couldnt care less
Asap Rocky Sweden
theres no way rocky will get any time for this lmao, mentally ill arab trynna act tough, the dude 3 times bigger than you and theres 4 of them get lost
mouz deserved to WIN!
bet you werent around at the end of 2015
the thing is you get why s1mple did it, you understand the thought process behind it but what Boombl4 doesnt make any fucking sense, why didnt he let electronic plant and go pit, why didnt he use his ...
Oskar to Mouz again?
well youre acting like typical czech moron so there isnt any difference If you dont care if youre better than him (which youre obviously not) why do you bring up the fact that he insulted you for no...
Oskar to Mouz again?
literally no one will take you seriously if youll keep on using lul in every sentence. You called him out for being born in one of the most toxic countries because he called you retard yet you stoop d...
furia playstyle
they beat Astralist in BO3, 2 times on Nuke ON LAN! what the fuck is wrong with you?
is s1mple TOP 1?
batman died too
opinions on xqc
I find him annoying but I get why others watch him The fact he got kicked from OWL is purely retarded
saying jew is racist
no its religion