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new FaZe
s1mple XANTARES KRIMZ oskar gla1ve
MAJ3R should be above FNS
XANATRES is gonna be in top 15 at the end of this year
Gambit vs SS
Space Soldiers
I wish I would notice this earlier xd
Space Soldiers
the thing is to sydney the invited teams which will get them a lot viewership, for example: C9 top NA team who just won major (the thing its a NA team will get them even more viewership), FaZe interna...
SS finally tier 1?
I just dont understand how you can put VP and NiP over SS and at the same time put them into the same group with HR and north
SS finally tier 1?
the are attending DH Mrseille, ESL Pro League Finals Dallas, IEM Sydeny and most likely ESL One: Belo Horizonte. All this from 18th of April to 17th of June, so they have a lot of chances to prove the...
unless you cant afford awp to despe this guy is a useless and way worse than ngin
yeah thats obvious on 100% I dont think there is a world in which SS managament would kick XANTARES. calyx or paz to get somene new xd
the thing is calyx was always the star in dark pasage(with w0xic) and xantares really wanted to get him on the team. And they even played with calyx in past really long time ago so he had enough expi...
he is not, so thats why Im asking whou should replace ngin in SS? Imo there is no better player to pick up and new player to team would push them back.
mini is definitely not at Ngins level and he wouldnt fit in
who should replace him in your opinion? And dont say w0xic (not gonna happen) or mini(he is not that good and hes without expeirences)
SS fans
czech kids would do the same shit as turkish kids but we dont have team to cheer for. SS fans with average IQ are nice, but the thing youre expecting kids to behave good is funny xd