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Vitality vs Natus Vincere
well, he was blind and running when shooting that deag...
Virtus.pro vs K23
Yeah, the bottom rated fraggers tend to be that way. Impact frags over total frags... There has to be a reason they haven't been booted from the team, after all
Natus Vincere vs Cyber Legacy
Agreed. The low tier teams can study tons of demos as well. They'll know what's coming at them and can really prepare. NaVi on the flipside would struggle to find as much info on CL. So they'd have t...
S1mple choker ??
The liquid final was a choke. He must have felt the pressure there. As for the Faceit major, he was facing Astralis, the only team that consistently stops s1mple from doing anything crazy and really ...
Movistar Riders vs mousesports
I actually think they need some time. They've just started with Bymas so there will be a while before they start to get really good (think of the previous mouz lineup, they were nuts before everything...
100 Thieves vs FURIA
Then bottom frags again in last map. Sigh, we knew it couldn't last... Still crazy showing that probably got in the 100T heads
FaZe vs BIG
Agreed. OG are a very good team with good players and a lot of potential. BIG seem to be the kryptonite of FaZe. Something about the matchup that seems to always go the Turkish/Germans' way
Natus Vincere vs MAD Lions
Yes, my mistake. I'd have thought NaVi would have faced them by now... Either way, he's probably had enough of losing to teams they really should be beating quite easily
Natus Vincere vs MAD Lions
He's had enough of losing to ML so decided to turn on the god mode
FREE! dirt rally (steam)
Thank you kind sir
Astralis vs MIBR
North vs ViCi
Freeman Stickers are coming soon....
Envy vs HellRaisers
BOT woxic
Dignitas vs Vega Squadron
VEGA Stickers!! Woooo! Get some Russian power on my guns now!
PENTA vs Virtus.pro
Virtus. Noobs