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SK era and holocaust
Look up David Cole if you're genuinely interested in this stuff.
I'm a jew AMA
Should I invest in gold before the coming financial crisis?
Rate Starladder Major
Groups and challenger stage: 7/8 Playoffs: 4/8, would have been 7/8 if teams were able to pressure Astralis a bit more
Oldest Team on HLTV
Mythic clocks in at an impressive 27.7
New FaZe Roster?
S1mple Coldzera Device Guardian NiKo And they will lose to BIG/ENCE/Vitality/Furia etc. regularly
Despite Anders' fake hype, they are still leagues above HenryG and Sado. The annoying thing about those two is that they tend to lose their seriousness after a few slow rounds, and then they begin cas...
G2 vs Liquid
There's no freebie when there are no brackets, so they'll ban one map each and play the remaining five. It's just like any normal bo3 grand final but with more maps.
Chernobyl is propaganda
It's too late, we're in clown world now, all thanks to the USA. "Oh, Muammar Gaddafi is defending his country and government's sovereignty from fundamentalist rebels? Better bomb the capital and arm ...
CSGO Rebrands
Oh wow I hadn't even noticed that they changed it. RIP to another legendary logo. I really don't get why orgs like CoL and Dignitas get rid of their iconic logos. I mean the new ones aren't objectiv...
Tricked vs Nordavind
ofc the worst 4 players on the servers are all norwegian LUL nt Tenzki
exitfrags, zero impact dog player
losing weight
Go for it brother! It won't take many weeks until you'll be really satisfied with the results. I'd just quickly like to add two pieces of advice. The first one is simple: It's not "cheating" if you e...
losing weight
I basically didn't eat anything until about 2-3pm, when I would eat a large, calorie-dense meal. My last meal of the day would usually be around 7-8pm, and I only ate enough to be able to fall asleep ...
losing weight
Intermittent fasting makes losing weight a joke. I lost 15kg between May 2018 and January 2019, without even changing my workout schedule/general diet. Almost half a year later and I haven't gained ba...