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WHY do PRO PLAYERS do this?
Because Popcontrol is more important, and the aug melts you anyway, whether you have 100 hp or not
tizian is playing support and one-and-done positions, he had a huge 1v2 clutch to keep them in the game xantares is supposed to be a star-fragger and had basically no impact at all ADR isn't everythin...
is swag unbanned ?
dev1ce > s1mple
No There honestly is no way you can make this point while arguing against simple The whole Navi team is based around him while astralis is a heavily strat based team. Obviously device capitalizes on t...
BIG lucky
not saying that I'm just saying that you can not use the fact that AGO won twice as an argument for the idea that big deserves to advance more than AGO does
BIG lucky
cool so the stage at which BIG deserves to advance depends on the other teams playing? Doesn't really make sense and it's not a very good attitude to have in life You shouldn't look to the mistakes or...
BIG lucky
Wtf They lost against AGO on two maps, so they deserve it more then AGO... Nice logic bro
s1mple buyout?
Very solid piece of evidence ty
Highest individual skill?
he has great pre-aim, which helps him a lot, and he is a very smart player but his pure aim isn't really that great
Highest individual skill?
individually it's probably either simple or niko While playing for liquid, simple literally didnt take part in any teamplay and still fragged like crazy Niko is probably the smarter player but he mi...
Virtus.pro vs Gambit
yeah that explains a lot
Virtus.pro vs Gambit
who is IGLing for Gambit?
the point is that if faze would have banned cbble if they had the chance but teams dont get a ban here
Olof is confirmed to FaZe
And then they would lose to big and then to Astralis Nice!