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RIP Mcskillet
What if he knew it was wrong, and knew that if he crashed into the car the passengers would die, but thought "nah, fuck it im gonna be dead anyway lol." ? Look at civil wars and other times of crisis,...
Male, female, and non-binary. 2 genders.
Interesting regional/cultural traditions
Russetiden, basically 18/19 year olds create groups of 5-20 people and make a name and logo for the group, spend tons of money on getting a bus, stickers, hoodies, song and drive around Norway to part...
Obama please come back
Tax rich and healthcare = socialism Typical red scare gringo
Look at all the dislikes, racists shared it everywhere on 4chan hahaha
Armenian genocide
The Holocaust was bad, Germany said sorry, and payed a fuck ton of debt back and had to split up the country etc. Armenian genocide was also bad, and what has Turkey done? Nothing.
The last hope for the WEST - Brazil
Alpha male hahahaha "Grrrr!!! I am the ALPHA MALE! Me am a BIG BOY! RAWR!" Who tf is trying to emasculate you? Your school bully? Mean girls in your class? Or maybe it's perhaps you?
The last hope for the WEST - Brazil
Dude he's from Hungary, they also have fascist regimes like Saudi Arabia, Brazil China and Russia! You're both fighting the weak soy boy West!
Nazism was a was Left-Wing ideology.
Price regulation = socialism? Bro, did you skip politics class? Is state military socialism? Or state police/firefighter? You said if it wasn't that then you don't know what it is, let me explain then...
Brasil ppl #1 beutifull but only this....
Sorry I had MATH and PHYSICS and not IRONY class in school. There are so many dumb ppl on HLTV, I thought you were serious.
Brasil ppl #1 beutifull but only this....
Wtf is European race?
Future Chinese scene dead? The rules are for all under 18, but you can spend more per month if you're older than 16
New US Anthem
This is so funny because it says "rape" XD
Future Chinese scene dead?
Crazy 1989 shit right there. How do they even surveil that
Future Chinese scene dead?
Cs is growing in China, but I'm talking like 2025++, kids can't grind cs without parents losing social credit.