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esea cups and qualifiers
Those are the qualifiers and after a few you get used to it and everything goes smoothly
HLTV Ranking: 20th
Ugliest country flag?
We kinda did it
Iphone or samsung?
The reason i chose samsung is it's cheaper and allows me freedom but that's just my opinion for anyone who wants to buy a phone get the one you like and want
Glockoma vs eRa
His team before glockoma was French Canadians
Nicest country?
To correct you Serbia is a bad country with good people (at least from my experience) and we have Valliance to represent us also legija :P
BIG I ALWAYS hated you!
It's called an agreement you have a choice not to agree and to agree they decided not to agree
BIG I ALWAYS hated you!
TBH that was done by the rules they allowed it so it was for use some people don't find it amusing but if it helps it helps
iPhone user LMAOOOOOO
It's not nerdy it's common knowledge apple says they have state of the art tech in their products but when you look it up it's just really weak
They don't have the rights to Tuscan and the creator is asking for more money than valve is willing to give
Women of HLTV
Black friday what you buy
HyperX alloy FPS keyboard :D
Black friday what you buy
I absolutely love Misfits and always will even when they have slumps that's what every fan should do for their favorite team
Is running REALLY good for health?
Yeah but at the end what's more refreshing the nice and cold water or running and 25 degrees Celsius