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Where should I move?
Germany,Austria,Netherlands,possibly Belgium. Edit:Also nordic countries (would recommend Norway)
ugliest language?
That's a stereotype i don't hate turks I actually like turkey :)
ugliest language?
That's literally the only reason I am tilted when i hear turkish i just remember the mm players but the language is aight
KPI vs Valiance
I really wanted to see KPI and Valiance make MDL but I gotta support my boys unlucko :/
GODSENT vs Space Soldiers
yep plus there is another qualifier for Sydney i think
Imperial vs TDJSF
that name tho dj skullfuck
Gay Player
The Mir Boziji Hristos se rodi is the most eastern orthodox thing ever and a year before that he had a facebook post that said having a nice christmas meal with my family
Windows 10
I think it will automatically update
Windows 10
It's actually really good i am using it but let me warn you get it on disc because when there was an update and I wanted to rollback the update my pc was stuck in a restart loop and i read and heard ...
Why do people hate brazil
Yeah that's the normal side of them then we have the hltv ones...
Zowie EC2-A lift off problem
If you have another pc in the house try to plug it there just to see if it works there and if not try to go to the store and get it fixed that would be the best option
Zowie EC2-A lift off problem
Think this might be a problem with a cable where did you buy it?
Zowie EC2-A lift off problem
Like if you lift your mouse and then it hits your mouspad again it doesn't work ?
esea cups and qualifiers
Those are the qualifiers and after a few you get used to it and everything goes smoothly
HLTV Ranking: 20th