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says the bozgor about romanians
C9 Fix
and in that month have been two big tournaments and not that much time to prepare,and i told you,tarik.s calling was a puggy style that C9 already had and played,fns style has more structure than what...
New C9???
-TACO +Nifty if they could work it they can do massive damage
C9 Fix
i think they need time,fns has a different style than C9 used to have,so maybe in time his style will start to work,or he will adapt to his players and change his style of calling..i think he can brin...
NikoM > Coldzera
info play trying to make more dmg :)))) didnt expected the T to wallbang a HS i guess
G2 New Team, -BODYY
well what.s left top pick basically for both G2 and shox`s team when u have shox ex6 smithz +2 ...or +1 if kennyS goes with shox then u have G2: apex nbk mixwell at the moment boddyy +1 i think bot...
1.6'ers retirements incoming?
i.m not saying either,but ppl does...i prefered Sunde to markeloff :-?? ,even sixeR
1.6'ers retirements incoming?
actually many ppl consider markeloff best awp all time in 1.6,and definetly not for the last year ,NaVi had a great 2010,and that my friend wasnt the last year of 1.6
NiKo sens
haha =))))
NiKo sens
NiKo sens
avion =)))
NiKo sens
i know,i tried,and i have to go like 1 sens if i.m not on 400DPI .coming from 2.5 sens to 1.2 ,or lets say lowering my sens showed me that i can bang heads more than i though =))).tho i think some mi...
NiKo sens
i played with 1.2 400DPI,and for turnings and close range reactions may be kind of slow,but for aiming control,spray control,tapping and so on i find low sens more accurate than my actual sens 1.6,i ...
k1to incident
we live in such a sensitive world now,even what u said can be racist better watch out
Best IGL in history of CS:GO
topic said best igl in history not best now :))