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Moldova come here
i see ,i think we have at least 80 average,cuz we tend to overload the bands with users,so more users on the band less speed for them....
Moldova come here
hmm dont know much about life in UKR tbh,as far as i know in this kind of things we are in the bottom with Moldova (but they are a small country for me its understadable),Bulgaria , heard Croatia ...
Moldova come here
i see ,it goes the same for us also ,let.s say the signal will may be a problem in some places
Moldova come here
well i guess u have good net :))) ,but is that an average speed most users have ? the pricing is the same here,or almost depends on the provider
Moldova come here
cant say for sure,it depends on what package u get from the provider,but it goes from 100mb/s to 1000mb/s as far as i know,but i dont think u get that blazing speed i said :))) ....but mostly we have ...
Moldova come here
dunno what to say,here salaries arent that big,dunno the UKR situation in this so i`m not gonna compare....but salaries are small prices are high,i think kind of like in Rep. Moldova...and seriously ,...
Moldova come here
that.s cuz the goverment in Moldova is fucked up and is ripping ppl wallets,cuz they control the prices and the salaries, not the people ,so it.s understandable why they come to you to buy stuff...i c...
Moldova come here
thats the problem in the whole balkanic area ,so .....
Moldova come here
Rep of Moldova has been part of Romania,Romania which has a region called Moldova which is also the land that has the border with Rep of Moldova ,which was called Basarabia when it was part of Romania...
Moldova come here
5th in the world 1st in Europe if i`m not mistaken mate
Moldova come here
i do have friends there,the country is corrupted big time,and it was a time wjen they didnt need to come to UKR ,cuz they were part of us...dont call 3rd worlders some ppl who were taken from their b...
Moldova come here
not enough money? yo cernobil kid do u think ukraine is better? Footballers went to Kiev and they said it.s the most sad country and town they`ve been,there is no joy on ppl face,the communism air flo...
TOP 20 HLTV Ranking 2013-2017
thats an overall placement,and before 2015 or 16 they didnt exist basically in tops or the scene,they were not relevant for the scene back than,thats why there are so many others in front of
Cristiano Ronaldo - The Greatest Of All Time
that i cant argue about,that.s why he.s Penaldo,i knew Messi is gonna miss,and by any means i`m not taking parts