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Need a slovakian plz =)
I would say the older generation has very mixed feelings. Some loved socialism, some hated it. Therefore some older people look down on Russians and some say they like them better than "Westerners". F...
Need a slovakian plz =)
Slovakia should be cheap for you. I would say study in Bratislava, cos both good universities are here. The city is pretty cheap in comparison with France I assume. You can get a rent for 500-600 euro...
Guitarists come here!
Yea, Gran Vals is awesome. It's catchy and people can recognize the melody (Nokia Tune) :D
Guitarists come here!
I have been playing for 7 years. I'm classically taught (music school). I do play classical and acoustic. I still go to music school (I'm 16 yo). I do like classical guitar pieces from Lobos, Tarrega ...
PC for CS?
Yea, I get what u mean. AMD used to be pretty shit about 5-8 years ago. But since the release of Ryzen, they have improved so much and in fact, now outperform Intel Yea, PC could use some upgrades :D
PC for CS?
Yes, the first one has a better GPU. The second one has a better CPU. Although Intel CPUs are known for good game performance, this AMD is MUCH better overall. It has 12 threads (good for any other th...
PC for CS?
Like I said, the first one is a good PC. If you have a heart set on it, go for it. Better GPU is better for other games and for the future, but you really should get at least 16gb Ram for either of th...
PC for CS?
Sure, the first system is good. You can definitely upgrade later. But AMD has better future proof solutions and has more value. If you ever want to do anything besides gaming, go for Ryzen. But since ...
PC for CS?
Sure, you get 200+ fps with both of them, however, I would go for AMD system. They are much better in terms of longevity and upgrades down the line. Intel is also more power-hungry. GTX 1660 Super or ...
your phone
Oneplus 7 Pro
rate guitar solo
Do you know how much this takes to play? 99% of guitarists will never be able to play stuff Paco wrote because he was a god. This guy is right. You can play many fast rock and metal solos if you put i...
Worst president in your country's history?
Yeah, you are right. It is the first time sane, intelligent people "won" elections since the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993. It is definitely a step in the right direction, but still a long roa...
Worst president in your country's history?
Weren't the communist ones more of a puppet rather than not? I'm not trying to defend them, but it was a different time and regime, but Zeman is an idiot. Old alcoholic that should be long gone and c...
Worst president in your country's history?
+1, definitely the worst
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