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ugliest sounding languages
ugliest sounding languages
I mean, You are kinda right. I think it must be hard to understand each other. Although I don’t find it that ugly, definitely weird for foreigner to listen to, sometimes sound like you choke more than...
faze 5th
Niko is igl now
Family Guy vs The simpsons
+1, kio performs well, no need to kick him. I guess there were some internal issues
wanna buy HyperX but idk if i need it
Exactly. Sennheiser might be better but hyperx is the go-to opiton under 100€
3 years with my gf
Nice man, gl in the future!
Do you think your city can manage tournament/major?
Probably yes, we have a hockey stadium that could turn into an arena and fit 12 000 people. Idk about the logistics, but I guess it would be fine.
pc help
Try looking for some prebuilts if you don’t know much about PCs. It should fit your budget and requirements
HyperX headset
They are indeed better than Cloud2 imo
HyperX headset
It is awesome, I have them too, but little bit smaller, no?
HyperX headset
Cloud 2 if you have big ears. I find them very comfortable. But I think Alpha have a bit better sound quality imo, especially the bases, but nothing huge. Almost identical headstets, but Cloud 2 has b...
-styko +who
Probably not, but they are good friends and have been for a long time. They speak the same language and have common past. Styko is super nice and friendly, so he probably keeps the whole team motivate...
mouz -styko +karrigan
Idk, maybe he looks like that all the time :D