CSGO player. Not one of those who have a dream to be a pro some day. Just playing to kill time atm. Will see where it takes me.
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¿Pizza with pineapple?
In a chain restaurant - yea sure why not, their pizzas are already not that good so why not. In a gourmet restaurant - gtfo this is some dumb ass shit. only acceptable pizzas are the classics with pep...
I said hello to a girl
yes pls and add ctf as a casual gamemode.
I said hello to a girl
listen dude. logic doesn't usually apply with women. if they could they'd also defy common laws of physics, but that doesn't work. all you can do is just go on day by day.
I said hello to a girl
you heard a "gossip". boy don't trust it. if she's ignoring you why tf would she say you ignored her.
I said hello to a girl
boy just made me emotional for the first time in like 5 years thats some hella solid shit my dude
tldr he said that the update is a pile of shit and that vsf is a bunch of autists commiting to people playing pubg more.
boy. wtf
NaVi Roster FIXED!
is it really worth it doe
Ropz's mom leaked roster change (?)
yeah and fnx fucked fer's gf.
Update isnt coming
alright, where's my respirator?
Aizy 3:17
conclusion - kick cadiaN. north have sucked eversince. get valde to do igling and get an awper.
Aizy 3:17
Think what you want. I think he played well under MSL this year. Since cadiaN joined he's really been underwhelming.
Aizy 3:17 here.
Aizy 3:17
don't think he is. he would be a playmaker maybe under msl's leadership but I guess that's out of the picture now isn't it?
astralis HUNDEN
NORTH HUNDEN -cadiaN +HUNDEN aizy as primary awp.