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Keto pizza
Extreme diets are bad for the body in long term and most of the time you are starving yourself so it is likely to be not consistant.
Keto pizza
For 700 calories he can eat 175g of carbs but for the same amount of calories he can only eat 78g of fats. Hes gonna feel alot more satisfied with the carbs because he is eating over twice the amount ...
Keto pizza
Asuming he is eating around 1500 calories daily. Also assuming he is well overweight if he is trying to create a huge calorie deficit. 1g protein per 1lb of bodyweight. Lets estimate conservatively he...
Keto pizza
I know keto does work, but i dont see the point of cutting out carbs unless you're diabetic. Without carbs my performance dips and thats unacceptable. I eat 100g of carbs before workout usually in the...
Keto pizza
your no:1 problem is the fact you're on keto also 1000 calories is 1 meal for me. Are you 75 or something who tf eats <1500 calories
I r8 you!
Fav beverage : water Fav type of porn : dont have one Gayest CS player : all of them Ur phone : s9 plus
I rate Ur life
No, I live in Australia... I have both flags
I rate Ur life
Rank : No rank Favourite player : dont have one Gender : male Nationality : turkish Favourite food : probs pizza
pineapple means ananas in a shit ton of languages
Burger diet
i mean a burger isnt the worst thing to eat. The meat is just protein and some fat, bread just carbs. Worst thing is the fries but if theyre homemade they arent really gonna have too much fat in them ...
calories, not the kilocalories every food is measured in. So its much less impressiveq
[20+] rate girl
I agree with you. Girls need to be judged by their personalities as their physical appearance is opinion based.
Csgo India
nah im not vik is my dad if u know him
Csgo India
shut up basim
What languages do you speak?
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