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The most toxic nationality you encountered
What u STUDY mens)) ?
I'm all done with my exams for the semester. I am in high school tho so they aren't really all that hard
do you sleep naked?
It depends. During summer I mostly sleep naked but in winter I usually sleep in shorts and a t-shirt bcoz it's not hot enough to sleep naked.
KennyS Extremely Overrated
he was better as a player not as an awper tho
KennyS Extremely Overrated
why are u bringing up team achievements? not defending kenny but we're talking about individuals not teams also i dont think device was main awping in 2015-16
I still enjoy playing but I'm playing once or twice a week now
"KennyS is overrated"
didn't know that,he would've been way better off on faze
Kio in manchester
he's been living in the UK for a while
Dev1ce go 1 vs 1 S1mple
1v1s are irrelevant when it comes to CS:GO. it's all about 5v5
"KennyS is overrated"
as a G2 fan: nope. maybe they will win some Dreamhacks and make playoffs and deep runs at some big events but i really don't think they will be at the top which sucks bcos i would love to see shox an...
"KennyS is overrated"
"He's too young " i don't think being young is a bad thing. I mean look at ropz,twistzz,sergej,cerq. they are all doing great even though they are all under 20. I think it's more if he can handle pre...
he might have not won many events but Kinguin was surely better than VP
FaZe signed AdreN
kinda they were right in a way to be mad that time bcos donhaci joined their private server
FaZe signed AdreN
It's not confirmed yet. Just neL and dekay speculating. The faze players themselves denied this.
FaZe options
inb4 +s1mple