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Burnout and shit. And also, you can't be a pro forever,at one point you have to retire. And at that moment it's good to have something to go back to
What if he gets tired of being in esports in like 5-8 years? What then? Not all pro players will be able to keep a job in esports after they retire
He at least needs to finish high school,you can start going to uni whenever you want
League of legends
I kinda know how the game works and I used to watch to big games before. But my knowledge is too limited to actually grasp how good a play was. I feel like you need to know the champions they're playi...
TBH it's hard but I think it's worth. You never know how things go and maybe at one point he gets tired of playing CS:GO. It's good to have a safety net in case things go bad. As far as I know karriga...
makeing 10k
There are dumb people out there?????
No more coaches banned?
Pretty much
Microsoft Edge
Go into "Address bar and search" in Settings and on the "Search on new tabs uses search box or address bar" select Adress bar. Now when you will type into the big center search box it will write on th...
Microsoft Edge
I've been using it for like 3-4 months now and I really enjoy it honestly. It's using Chromium so it's just as fast as Chrome and has a few things extra that I use ( one example is you can mute a tab ...
By The Numbers
watching that show would be like torture to me lmao
best player from each country
Germany: tabseN?
Idk man the current Nexus I guess
Sangal target woxic - Report
Source: trust me bro
Gen.G dexter
You can find it here on past broadcasts: And they usually post it on their youtube channel/spotify/anchorfm the next day or so. It's usually Professeur,Striker,SPUNJ and ...
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