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"Or maybe he really believed that their old golden NiP quarter with Fiffy as coach would work again" I'd say most probably he really believed that in Dignitas the old squad can get proper salary, play...
actually like 90% of finnish flags you see on HLTV are "veetis" so your generalization is pretty well founded
Football Crisis
Football Crisis
Watching UCL with Leicester, West Ham, Everton, Atalanta, Napoli, Roma, Bayern, Dortmund, Leipzig, Sevilla, Villarreal, PSG, Lille, Lyon and a dozen of smaller leagues' champions >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>...
Football Crisis
i'm only surprised that there are so many differing opinions going out there - from fans even - when this matter is as close to black and white EVIL as possible and against the good of football itself...
VP vs forZe, HAVU vs Complexity best odds/bets
never noticed the "bets" part on hltv before, can't decide whether to think wtf or lmao
Most boring lineups
because of more interesting teams or because of straight up better quality of CS? we can see better constructed team play in for example ex-Winstrike vs SAW, than any matchup of Astralis/G2/OG/Liquid/...
Liquid vs Dignitas
so he's a standard tier 1-2 player but with deagle he is suddenly standard tier 1-2 player i don't see a problem with this
Liquid vs Dignitas
Stewart2iq would get individually clapped at snow sweet snows as well tbh
Liquid vs Dignitas
This would be HAVU if it wasn't for the garbage scheduling of the qualifier :( Go Dignitas, you represent all the lower tier teams who deserve their chances at bigger events!
Axile is a thief,cadian robbed
"HE IS WORKING WITH NO COACH HELPING HIM" yeah they certainly didn't have a room full of staff sitting right behind them, with both a coach and "analyst" hunden among them
"CaDiAn'S cLutCh isn't ThE BesT"
It's actually possible to say that Cadian played that situation to perfection, while also acknowledging that Gambit couldn't really have done anything to make it even easier for him.
toni kroos
Imagine thinking that the best tier 3 teams would NOT beat garbage tier 1.5 teams
The whole scene is a circle jerk, what else is new?