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Future stars of Brazil that could be playing in the USA or in the place of horvy
Showtime already did, got kicked from LG, and it was fair. dzt already played, and he was good with the then paiN lineup (dzt, land1n, tatazin, NEKIZ and chelo) . But LG came and picked NEKIZ and chel...
eUnited vs MIBR
mibr without YNk LUL
Invite someone Vitality!
Noice Englando. You make papa London school?
I want to give you an advice. You know how Brazilians overreact to when a Brazilian team wins something, even if it's a low tier tournament, they are saying mibr is back, top 1, right? They are the sa...
NBK Apex Zywoo BuyOut
Are you also seeing a new 100 Thieves here as well?
400$ phone
compared to huawei, xiaomi, they are indeed
400$ phone
Or maybe an Xperia XA2 which costs around 300 bucks.
400$ phone
I would say you could get one of those Asian brand phones, like huawei, xiaomi or Huawei. But if you want a brand that's it is more well known, you could try an Xperia (maybe a Motorola, but I don't k...
He's not Brazlian Trump, don't believe them.
He'll probably just act like he understand things but actually have no idea what the hell is he doing there.
Well, when this lineup played together they were semifinalists of StarLadders and runners-up to Gambit, who would a month (or so) later become major champions. I guess it could be a good try.
Best era & worst era?
Não sou fakeflagger meu parceiro, eu só acho que eles não tiveram era. EN: I'm not a fakeflagger my dude, I just think they didn't had an era.
Best era & worst era?
LG/SK didn't had an era. And I cheer for them.
But I can remember Guardian flick.