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Mibr guess
Ty man
Mibr guess
Definitely, I would disagree, but I admit there's a great chance my opinion is biased at this moment. I do believe cause I always do. When they said in 2017 "SK in 2k17 LUL", I always believed in that...
Mibr guess
I think, as for mibr, they need to play, as we say for football teams, with race, giving their everything each time. For soccer, we say that he always go to challenge the ball with his soul, I think f...
COLDZERA #1 2019
What? I really did not understand, could explain more please?
mibr 5th?
Besides of kng, and other smaller players, I think this new felps might be good. He's definitely not the same player from a year ago, even HLTV acknowledged that. And zews could even make TL work with...
Steelega to mibr?
Damn, no. fnx is retired and might be bad, not competing for a long time, but I rather have him on the lineup than steel. I would like steel to go back to TL.
Future c9, mibr & liquid
Actually think Stew is only gonna be used for trade in TL as well, so he goes to C9 (what explains the tweets from the players and the CEO) and C9 send 2 players (europens) and then get NiKo (who's pr...
fox to mibr?
Please not.
Mibr guess
I would give fnatic (JW, KRiMZ, olof, dennis and flusha) as an example that the reunite might not comeback still, but I don't know if they had that synergy too
Mibr guess
Yeah, agreed. Personally, in LG times, they had streams where they were pugging as a team, it was just another level of synergy. Or in Fallen's vlogs, I never felt that in another formation of that co...
Mibr guess
Yeah, but consider boltz's kick. They left in group several times. With fnx they were constantly in top 4 on tournaments and even managed to go to 2 finals. Today they kick players who did way worse t...
Mibr guess
Not sad like this. But if you watch his profile, he's all emotional and stuff, and then he got kicked unfairly.
Mibr guess
Oh, nvm, it's no the profile from valve
Mibr guess
Dude, you just broke my heart again. Every time I see this profile, it breaks me.
Elige arrested
solid 3/8