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Thorin at its best hahahaha,
Shame. He really is the beat analyst,
Brazil major?
You also have the fiasco DH Rio was to add.
Brazil major?
Thing is, Rio has A LOT of wrong places. Should be the one city to avoid. São Paulo always worked out nice, Belo Horizonte was amazing, you could've done it in Curitiba, why Rio? Shame that a major wi...
why rio tho
cya in 10years
Prime Cold or Prime NiKo
I think it's mostly about whether they can control their ego. Of course, they complete each other, but if one is very good, there's a chance the other wont. And we know both players have a big, so let...
Prime Cold or Prime NiKo
I mean, everything you said is true, but, as many already said on HLTV itself (I mean articles), cold is passive and NiKo is aggressive. I think from that is mostly opinion. cold has impact because of...
Coldzera MVP robbed
For the whole tournament, NiKo easily. Just one match will not take away all the others.
coldzera winning something
I mean, he's the one who asked for TACO in first place. And if FaZe can't be consistent nor mibr get better, it'll happen again, as it did when he almost joined Liquid. We're talking about NiKo IGLing...
Brazil hate deserved
I'd say we deserve about 80% of the hate we get. Sometimes I think people go overboard.
To be honest, I don't care if they kinda suck right now, I just love this iteration of mibr.
mousesports vs CR4ZY
It happened XD
Brazil biggest problem
I think it's Brazilians.
old hltv > new hltv
most good copy pastas also from that time