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"nerf aug"
I think they could revert the changes. The change in price did not made the gun better. But made pro players give it a try. Now, it's a must for most pros. Which means, even if they go revert, people ...
Thorin picks
Yeah, indeed. And he's fine with that. I never heard him complaining about the hate. Actually, the hate only make him more known. It's banter dude. Not something to be taken seriously. The same way as...
Thorin picks
Don't listen to this dude. They don't understand that Thorin does this banter with everyone, but in their mind is only to Brazilians. I don't like him very much but he's a clever person and I have not...
Vitality will choke now and pass in the Last Round. Avangar looses this and the next one. C9 is always there for a choke. G2 vs fnatic is a 50/50 game. NiP is strong but Vega already did it once. ENCE...
HLTV sponsored fnatic?????
I don't understand
F U R I A is the new LG
Não é não. O ditado deles simboliza que você não deve realizar ações que possam se virar contra você. Se você mora em uma casa de vidro e atira pedras, provavelmente sua casa vai quebrar. E ele usou e...
Apology to all MIBR fans
Yeah, but it's that meme thing that will make it be remembered. See, remember when NiP got eliminated by Vega Squadron? It seems like years ago and only few remember. But I indeed don't understand wha...
F U R I A is the new LG
I just don't get why he's not banned already. I mean, he clearly deserves to. Saying shit to everyone that's not on "his side".
F U R I A is the new LG
Esse não é o ditado que ele falou kkkkkkkk
Apology to all MIBR fans
Well, no one will remember specifically that he was dogshit. They'll just remember he was shit at some point. While everyone will remember m16r.
Apology to all MIBR fans
No harsh feelings
F U R I A is the new LG
I'd say 1 in 500. Unfortunately, people here strongly believe that they should always have the last word, even if it's stupid.
F U R I A is the new LG
This dude saying to Brazilians who are against him are like the nerds trying to be friends with the cool kids. The typical asshole that thinks that being a toxic kid is funny (and is encouraged by oth...
F U R I A is the new LG
Wtf. I'm not a sexist-freak or that stuff, but, I never heard this saying he said and it's very stupid and an asshole thing. Sorry for this, pal, not every Brazilian is that toxic/needy/asshole. And i...
F U R I A is the new LG
I sincerely apologize for this human being. I'm Brazilian and not everyone is that dumb. In fact, I know Hungary, in Portuguese, Hungria, is a very decent country.