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rise of NTC ?
It's an improvement. The same with NTC, as soon as they started, Fúria was their kryptonite, now they're ruling Brazil. And it's not about only playoffs. Watch them at their first tournament and compa...
Liquid vs Astralis
I said that because I was thinking Navi would rape TL
rise of NTC ?
But SK with Stew already improving.
Stats please
SK fans?
Well, I still love them. Ofc, sometimes they make me have heartattacks, but I'm actually proud they made playoffs, they're improving, after all. I got mad with them sometimes, but that's cause I'm the...
Liquid vs Astralis
Hopefully p1mple will not get MVP losing the tournament.
Stewie rekt thorin
Funny thing is that FoulleN actually didn't give a fuck, just said something about drug testing.
NIP Fans come here
GTR should has retired after he won second best player of the year, so he would not be remembered by being inconsistent.
I will guess your favorite team
Is fox tier 2?
Torqued vs Windigo
Not in middle of tactical pauses tho
Torqued vs Windigo
It would be a cool game to watch if Windigo stop screaming ffs
Yep, they have. The LG vs Liquid match everyone is saying Liquid has to lose, but that's not exactly true. I will show the situations in which SK qualify: - If LG wins both maps (it's what everyone is...
Based on what I said, Chelo would be a more reasonable choice (if he does not have visa issues as well).
Honestly, I'm not quite sure if they will kick Stewie. SK with felps took a lot of time to perform well, and, IMO, they never really did great. Ofc, they won tournaments, but they were always shaky as...