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3k hours Silver 3
definitely enough play time, but no learning while playing... Advise, study the game more and play less ;)
S1mple Gamble Addict
he doesn't need a dlore to do this ;) awesome player anyway
FALLEN 1V3 fallen deserves a VAC! that's it xD
FALLEN Pistol 1v4 fallen deserves a VAC BAN! ahah xD
why is fox so popular? fox is a backstabber! I'm kidding xD He's our best player, he's one of the old CS 1.6 players still active and kicking! He will be back to a tier 1 team, j...
G2 vs Envy
Monsieur KennyS is BACK! insane skill on this clutch! :D
KENNYS ikr, insane clutch!
awp is OP ofcourse awp is OP look at this kill from KennyS he almost doesn't scope, insane quick scope!
kennyS and shox kennyS wins anytime ;)
FORGOTTEN CSGO PLAYERS Karrigan will never be forgotten!
FalleN best awp?? Discuss Guardian is the best awper! ;)
NaVi - If they weren't Pros they are pros, guardian best awper EU ;)
Portugal most toxic country EU
This thread made me laugh so hard xD Russians, Spaniards and Serbians complaining about Portugueses. But in fact, neither of them speak good English; Neither of them are passive to there teammates ...
VALVE IS A JOKE Hate this dupreeh VAC should ban him, is so INSANE I can't stand it.
the astralis new era Hate this dupreeh ACE man, is so INSANE I can't stand it.