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technoheads! best song ever :) i like only minimal techno like boris brejcha, droplex etc !!!
It is not like they deserve to get some respect. Obviously they are not putting as much time as other teams in this game so they deserve community punches. You can see hard working teams like Vega, QB...
Flipside disband?
Buy cryptocurrency
are you retarded? buy BTC and transfer it? yes and pay 30 € in fees. Moron
Buy cryptocurrency
dont buy BTC to send it anywhere else, 30 dollars fees.... dont know what this guy is talking about. Buy eth or ltc for trading
Girl farting
you have to be guy without any sex life then am I right
Girl farting
Yes I would hate if girl would farting on purpose next to me. Her job is to hide it properly or at least make it "silent" even If we are together for longer time. I find it disgusting. (i would not fa...
crypto currencies
update n2. hello bro
crypto currencies
hello dude, don´t you know how much for 1 ripple now?
crypto currencies
in 1 week i doubled my investment. Thanks for advice
Desktop wallpaper
random photos, something lthat dont cut my eyes in evening for example
Best car for 150k-200k€
Porsche Panamera 2018
This is how you park a car in Romania
are they stolen from Dubai i suppose
Ripple XRP
nice predict, now ripple is +30%
crypto currencies
i am not in crypto since 09-10, it was just his friendly advice. I didnt listen to him, now its 2017, i barerly know anything about cryptos yet, but as I said, i believe in his advice at least for thi...