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I guess your iq (very serious thread)
CSGO Indie Pop (Oh Wonder etc.) Oh Wonder - Landslide First part of The Hunger Games 18 Team Liquid Elige 2 fluent, another 2 decent enough to survive in that country
stop fixing the french scene
It's been proven for 2 years now that Shox sucks at leading yet you want him to IGL a french "superteam". lol.
stop fixing the french scene
KennyS & Zywoo are primary AWPers. Bodyy played the AWP role in teams before G2 and was secondary on G2.
stop fixing the french scene
No IGL, 3 main AWPers and 2 riflers. Good job.
"it was a mistake" they should've realized before it happened. if iBP gets unbanned its a bad example for the rest of the community.
Build the most cocky team
Niko Smooya JW s1mple Stewie2k Dreamteam
notre dame
I mean, why don't we complain about both? if trump isn't building his useless wall and people cared less about a church (which has $30 billion in savings btw) we could have billions of dollars which w...
Most famous person u ever seen
I met Post Malone a month or 2 ago. It was dope
yeah if you're at it they should just remove economy from the game entirely because it's unfair to the winning team when they finally lose a round
rate black haired girl
hes racist
1 - middle 2 - Working as a webshop content manager for a bathroom showroom, studying graphic design & user experience design 3 - Netherlands 4 - Xi Jinping 5 - Team Liquid
Heat wave in Europe
+1 is definitely fakeflagger
Women and Army
I think it's good. There's enough tests and practice they go through to prove that they're fit for the situations they're put in to and they wouldn't be there if they were incapable.
f word
cya in 10 years racist
Women and Army
can you even say why you dont like it? because they're women? lmao