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Csgo match betting
Down like 1000$ But stopped betting just to enjoy watching games
And they live in NA Aren't they supposed to live in Brazil? Definitely not Made in Brazil Damn
Did you ever play with professional player in cs go?
FACEIT Premium soloQ question
I meant the point is you still can play non premium que and be a captain of your team in 90% of the games But in non premium games at that time you will mostly meet many Russians, who are unemployed ...
FACEIT Premium soloQ question
Well there's not that many people in que for premium games in early mornings, from 4am to 9am Like 10-15 people U will mostly end up with matches being played with people ranked from lvl 1 to 10 Tea...
That's why i bought premium, just to not see these awkard ruskis playing at 5/6am =)
FACEIT leaver
You got your elo for the win
Hello, rate my faceit highlights (2850 elo)
Shakin' like kjaerbye
new game
That's the best graphic looking games he can run on his pc, don't worry :D
Cromen overrated
Team like Imperial would be good for him i think
EU minor
I like to watch both of them, some upset chance and then at major qual you can root for them or look for more upsets :D
EU minor
That's why i am asking because i can see there's fairly good amount of teams with decent results and there's .. NIP Who can both choke their butts off or qualify easily Optic isn't bad, NiP either, Sp...
EU minor
Yeah that's why i am asking because there's many really good teams trying to qual
EU minor
Oh k Hmm it wasn't that good i think, at the time of the qual and as of now, only BIG were good (still with legija..) and penta
EU minor
I meant exactly the EU minor Major was packed with good teams