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Come on SINNERS...
There is definitely no replacment for him, he is also pretty good player. Good solution would be coach since they dont have one.
Ancient FPS
They will definitely update it with some optimization, I remember when new Nuke came out, it was disaster and now it´s smooth as hell.
Sinners vs Anonymo
Drinking rea
Every day black tea >>>>> all
TOP 5 Best fans of CS:GO teams all-time
Yeah dude, VP crowd was so good :(
MASONIC vs Sinners
162 maps since December, crazy
Sinners vs Sprout
They already lost not that long ago.
You should really learn to stick to topic and dont throw random shit, I dont really care about ur shit english, but your mental health is definitely not alright. Question is if it´s because u are simp...
You just started talking out of no where about my scene, dude your scene is so bad that you had to change your flag from Polish to Netherlands lmaooo. And in fact you are sucking his dick. Disgusting
Sinners vs Izako Boars
Expected from you being nervous on HLTV and typing mistakes. It´s ok, calm down try it again. Also Anonymo fan hahaha, I get it now.
What the fuck do you even mean by this, use translator at least if your english is at this level. Son
OSKAR edit: my bad saw this another one on reddit
Eminem underrated
Yeah, he usually gets hate not because people actually dislike him, but they expect too much from him, which is reasonable in some way since he is definitely without doubt goat. His albums are not tha...