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Comparing Barca's current performance to Bayern's unless you believe in magical curse of choking they wouldn;t stand a chance
If teams known for choking were destined to always choke in the future then Astralis wouldn't have won a single major. The "they always choke so they would lose even though they are much better" argum...
r8 my 1v5
All the awper had to do was wait for 2 sec before peeking so that they could double peek xD Not your fault they're stupid tho, nice clutch.
Thaty wasn't a marriage fraud. The way she talked about it on stream seemed like it but they were in a relationship for I think 2 years before they both decided to part ways. I'm not trying to defend ...
If you throw the cat down instead of up it might not be able to land properly because of the force of the throw, but yeah, the way she threw her cat wasn't anything dangerous.
Polish CS
I'd argue mhL is the best atm, but he's stuck in AGO and unless they drop oskarish they are going nowhere
Twitch problem
Update: I discovered it only happens on incognito, which I usually browse in Maybe chrome fucked something up with inc in recent update?
Twitch problem
I have them all disabled anyway
Twitch problem
Didn't help sadly
leaf strikes again
I mean people believing he has cheats because he wallbangs someone is so fucking stupid. "Oh I can get banned if they spot my cheats, better shoot enemies through the wall lol"
How FaZe can win the major.
Suffering from success
How FaZe can win the major.
I mean from all of those the Xyp is most confusing. Why the fuck would he move to FaZe?
Move to EU?
I was confused as I read cs student as counter strike student xD It's hltv after all
Cyberpoop 2077
0/8 bait
Polish scene, not laugh thread
I think AGO would be close to hitting top 20 now if they didn't make the roster changes. Sydney and Leman just started working and their performance was so good and they flopped after swaps.