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Will csgo Die?
Crowds make no income for tournament organizers if you consider the amount of money they have to put into getting the venue, pcs, etc. > Nah I don't buy that. There is a business case behing that, I c...
Will csgo Die?
> Prize pools have 50% of what it was before online era. that is not an indication of CS:GO dying thats the world being fucked up and money being tight (also no live audience income etc). > Players ...
S1mple Underrated ????
mate... do I really need to put a "/sarcasm" at the end of something like that...?
Will csgo Die?
its not smart, its just seeing the same threats over 8 years and lets be honest: even before that with CS1.6 and CSS. At some point even a stupid person like me gets it
Will csgo Die?
+1 well said.
Will csgo Die?
I have seen CS:GO is dead threats / reddit posts / comments / memes since 2012, when pro players didn't immediately switch to CS:GO after its release. Yes it will die at some point, but kids who nee...
S1mple Underrated ????
pfff what has zywoo done? 40 kills in regulation in game 3 of an elimination series was just a fluke. So was the 30 kills the game before. And his rating which is highest in 2020 is also fluke. And 20...
S1mple Underrated ????
you are doing the same with zywoo as you claim people do with s1mple. Two-faced as hell
Why jump on a bandwagon? Thats not being fan of a team thats just being a fan of winning. I'll still be a fan of every team forest plays for, even if he plays in T3 events only. I don't think jumping...
damn how edgy you are, don't cut yourself