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16:9 snipers
you make 0 sense... and your english skills are horrible
16:9 snipers
16:9 snipers
and none of them use 16:9 0/8
German terrorist was streaming on twitch
"I think the holocaust never happened" to hear that sentence in 2019 is disturbing as fuck...
Team of best players
he meant you taking dup twice
Team of best players
Since you have dupreeh twice I assume thats an error?
Europeans come here
You left out everything important. You heard one thing and are not interested in following up regarding the how or why (and when). You are just vomitting this one piece of information out here without...
dafuq, please learn to read: "Things happened at the Major, even if we had won, we needed to change, it was decided. About [replacing] Nathan, it was my decision. Something happened at the Major and...
Europeans come here
0/8 - or retarded. choose
12-3 -> 13-16
that statment made me cringe so hard...
Climate change is fake
You also completely skipped my arguments and attacked the part that is easily attackable. I'd like to see you going into the actual topics instead if taking the cheap way out. My personal oppinion o...
astralia over 9000 IQ
tbf thats a very niche thing to know for someone who isn't from the nordics. the ignorance however is a different story
Climate change is fake
and just FYI - there was never a warning about cooling in the 80s. There were fears of a nuclear winter (you know...Tschernobyl). If you are talking about the 70s which is something many climate ch...
Climate change is fake
So wait... you think its untrue because we successfully worked against it? oO So... do you believe that Hitler didn't exist as well?
DH Malmö winner[strawpoll]
lol sure