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Majors are cursed.
esl major didnt have "huge amout of technical issues"
eUnited vs Luminosity
not weak , but he and fer are the same, and only 1 can be on the team , theres not space for both
-ottond +smooya...
espiranto give all is space and positions to ottond , lul , kick fk ottond and let espirante be the star again
-ottoNd +poizon
-ottond +anyone , since they put ottond , espiranto doesnt perform the same way he used to , cuz he abdiced almost all positions to give ottond more space..
CR4ZY vs Ancient
-ottond please
gym tips for skinny guys
and what exercises should i do in a gym , im 79kg and 1.80m but i have a little belly, how should i lose it? i already drink water alot.
gym tips for skinny guys
what type of beef? if have money , what would you advise?
Twisttz 200 iq
FaZe bench NEO
+1 , when they didnt had ottond he was amazing , now is giving to much space to BOT Ottond and the team is getting worse with that
-Espiranto +anyone
- ottond, since he came to the team , he fucked all teammates performaces, only nexa looks good with him in the team
cuz of tabsen is the star.
Any hope for VP in current roster?
no , they need to change cajung and karrigan , not because they are bad players, but because they dont fit togheter well on the same team. Then they become very good, they they put -kjarbye +magisk , ...
MOUZ situation
No, thats not a fact, look at f0rest for example, hits insane shots with very fast reaction time, better then alot of younger talents
taco creep?!?!?!
lol baiter
no epl spot this mdl? wtf, why play mdl then?