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Sinners vs GORILLAZ
idk how esic doesn´t do anything... lmao failing sprays, stop shotting in the middle of spray , fail in stopped enemy that as the back for you (ez shot )
Sinners vs GORILLAZ
exacly lmao , blatlant matchfixing , ive seen at least 4 instances on nuke where they had everything to win the round and still lost it.
Sinners vs GORILLAZ
i dont think so.
Brehze not playing for fall groups
poor oBo ruined his carrer
ttc vs Nemiga
who cares if he have been "called out for cheating"? did anyone prove he cheated? lmao STOP BETTING WHAT YOU CAN´T AFFORD.
Monitor Upgrade
Im also upgradeing right now , i just sold my used XL 2411z, and im getting a XL2546K which most pros use, seems the best choice for performance on CSGO. If money is a issue , you can also choose XL25...
for me shape is more important than sensor and all that stuff. i have ec2 zowie , fk2 zowie , logitech g pro wired , but still i play alot better with devastator 3 because it just fits my hand alot b...
kngv kkkkk
yeah but this german creates threads whenever some shit like this happens like it never happenes to him.
true, even s1mple said it , he had alot of potencial if he actually tried
kngv kkkkk
still 20x better than you will ever be.
Endpoint vs SAW
Endpoint vs SAW
what you mean by constant?
you are on drugs definitly. also forze don´t have the money to buyout m0nesy , and zorte fits the playstyle since forze likes to play fast paced cs most of the maps