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Tyloo 2:3
NRG were so lucky on Inferno, multiple rounds they found some lucky flicks or shots Mirage was just Brehze carrying NRG hard and Tyloo still kept it close I think you are just a hater looking at hind...
CIS and Asia
NA and EU losing: blame B01s Asia and CIs losing: lul these players tier 10 LUl xaxaxax hahahaa shouldnt be at major
Cloud9 vs ViCi
Vici beat #1 and #3
why is India talking?
Asian CS is retarded
keep lieing to yourself that that stupid slow playstyle by NA and EU is the best!
ViCi 0 iq
you must be one of those Korean weeb that claims everything superior form Asia is Korean Stewie2k is Chinese
elo system
If youre seeded high you will only play low seeded teams to get to Major without taking into account current form and tbh some of these teams dont get regularly invited to play in NA or EU leagues(exa...
renegades cutest team
aleksib from ENCE looks the best though imo from a straight guys POV
Will Fnatic make it?
They implemented this system and named it ELO could have just be honest and said we will follow HLTV rankings and these rankings are never fair to smaller teams who dont get invites to regular tourn...
BnTeT overrated
This American so triggered after Cloud 9 got humiliated by Tyloo this is why Tyloo is so dangerous, Bntet taking a backseat in terms of fragging cause Summer, Attacker and Somebody are the top 3 frag...
Will Fnatic make it?
The Elo system ensures they play the lowest seed possible each round talk about a system wanting to keep the old names in the Major how desperate ESL are to sell the names and brands xD
Why tyloo is playing so well
HLTV rankings btw LUL from the replies NA fanboys are so mad
ZyWoo on a tier 1 lan :D
rankings dont mean much only favours EU and NA teams only cause they get invited to more events Fnatic #6 world losing to a team ranked #35
zhoking on the driving seat
yeah he just drove over all of Fnatic
ZyWoo on a tier 1 lan :D
you forgot to put ENCE in there another overrated stale EU team about to get put in their place soon, Tier 3