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mantuu is Polish - Change my mind
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Roster changes
they are still the second-best team in the world
Roster changes
can someone explain to me why people want changes in a top 3 team? they won so many maps in the last 6 games 2maps versus Vitality "best team in the world" (hltv ranking) why change if it ain't brok...
6,3k hours in csgo
man... that happened in march XD but yeah anyway it is not hard to 16-0 3x lvl3 and 2x lvl2 In the past 20 games, you have 19adr 1.16... that is not good for "6,3k of real hours played"
Most useful languages?
whats the point of having Java if you have c#? 1.C# 2.Kotlin 3.JavaScript
6 Man Roster
what if they lose d2 just because they put Nivera on? smart but Nivera is not ready yet for finals
You were locked for one day with a person in room.
I rate your keyboard
Razer BlackWidow X Chroma
astralis fix
I'm pretty sure they know what they are doing if they are still top 3 in the world and have a 74.1% win rate :P
astralis fix
well he is deal with it Astralis - top 5 in the world you - no one :)
astralis fix
why would you want 2 IGL in 1 team? Magisk and BlameF
any browser games?
Shakes & Fidget I play on World 23, "Vox" level 380 :)
IGL tier list
pretty sure magisk is igl for astralis
low sens= no skill?
Michu 0.4sens 800dpi
t side eco meta idea
I just told you like 10 things which make playing force is better. Also, I gave you an example of a team that did it (in the time I was writing that response) and won 2-0 vs Fnatic why make post if y...
who deserves top 1 this year ?
I don't understand people... he played popo/average for 9/10 months and you want to put him in top3 even if he performs good for the next 2 months it's not enough It's not "winter top20" but "2020...