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Biggest and most competitive event of the year, it was on lan too.
Yeah true, but at the same time s1mple couldn't play all high tier eu events since he had to play in the CIS qualifiers with NaVi, I think they'll take that into consideration. But it's very close and...
I mean, not as low tier as I thought, but these region based events are lower tier than what events usually are
Zywoo also got some really low tier mvps so its closer than you think. S1mple's katowice mvp is basically like a major mvp too
What if Trump no gree leave White House?
Well, he won't be treated like a normal citizen but yes he will most likely be escorted out if he doesn't leave by himself.
Ur 10/10 movie
Inception Shawshank redemption Dark knight trilogy The green mile Interstellar These are the best movies that I could think of, probably forgot some.
If you have a 1440 monitor and want 144fps in most games, then yeah sure you should upgrade if you have the money for it. I get more than 144 @ 1920x1080 so I feel no need to upgrade. I think you'll ...
yeah maybe, but it works perfectly fine for everything I do. Haven't upgraded in a long time
My build: GTX 1080 i7-7700k 16GB RAM works just fine!
then just sleep 7h
valorant new skins
Barely anything at all haha
valorant new skins
I actually sold my old fortnite account for 300$ lmao. I played it from s1-s3 so I had some rare skins on it.
Trump is gonna win
Yeah but he obviously has dementia. He forgets what he's talking about all the time, have u seen when he mixed up his sister with his wife? He's done things like that multiple times.
Trump is gonna win
I really don't like Trump, but tbh he's better than Biden. Both of them are bad and not fit to be president, but Biden can't even finish a sentence before he forgets what he's talking about. Imagine ...