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UFC 249
Ferguson > Gaethje Cejudo > Cruz Ngannou > Rozenstruik Stephens < Katter tho motherfucker didnt dry himself and came 4.5 lbs over Hardy < Castro i hope lmao Pettis < Cerrone Oleinik > Werdum Esparza...
Astralis vs Heretics
bruh u drunk maka is a mate he been glowing since the recent changed and they're only going upwards don't matter the loose in that game these were for the most part good games
damn man what a wonderful conversation
dogshit corona cant have shoulder surgery cause hospitals here aren't making any surgeries atm indefinitely
HenryG gay?!
you are geh
D0cC recent stats
bruh you drunk or do you need help reading he got more games than 200 people in that hub
D0cC recent stats
just check fpl europe stats page 4 lmao he has over 600 games in there
D0cC recent stats
why would he get kicked lmao hes playing there regularly
North vs MAD Lions
i mean lets be real if the round where they had b and acor is in kitchen and msl runs solo into con like an elepehant and even plants for jungle like acor didnt hear him run and plant wasnt a throw i ...
North vs MAD Lions
what the actual fuck was that throw vs BIG
new vp gods
Copenhagen Flames vs Axis
bruh these winnings dont add up at all lmao
Copenhagen Flames vs Axis
got paused by admin cause they had a guy that was using skins lmao its not allowed but this game is still a handi throw
Copenhagen Flames vs Axis
lmao 2 odds at -7,5 axis now at 1.3 after 1 round
Nemiga vs MiTH.Maple
Hes the coach of zorka gaming (nemiga acd) we played against them in main but also standin in nemiga