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This guy is like a short summary of Erdogan fanboys and uneducated romantic nationalists.
muslims are like weebs
12/12 totally agree and this is not only islam, all religions are like that. Don't lie to yourself about how Christianity is real and the others are not. They are all the same
Actually neither of these describe him. He is not religious nor idiot instead he is very smart to know that using religion is the best way to control and manipulate these uneducated people.
Realm Royale or Fortnite?
Realm royale is really fun to play actually. Better that fortnite tbh
Used to be before their braindead leader fucked up everything
Turkish Elections
AHAHAHA. How funny you are :) Just read something before you comment.
Turkish superteams
The second team will be disbanded after 2 weeks 4/8
Actually, except 2 round there were no tactics at all and without it, your "pure skill" usually can't win you the round
ZywOo kicked from FPL
I don't want to be the kid that tells cheat to everything but is there any explanation for this shit?
SS Top 5 2018???
wtf is this :D
What do you know about studying Computer Sciences at the Wrocław University of Technology?Is it worth it to come with Erasmus program?
Turks come in.
As w0xic said; While Calyx and w0xic were playing together in DarkPassage, SS wanted to transfer mini and w0xic from DP.They didn't go because the team was promising and they were very good friends as...
Heroic vs HellRaisers
Poor Zero FeelsBadMan
Envy vs HellRaisers
Guys, woxic broke up with his girlfriend before match. That's why he couldn't play like woxic .Don't blame him so much.
0/8 m8