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I'm ready for death :^)
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I rate your taste
1. Singing 2. s0m 3. curry (any country) 4. idk if you want alcoholic or not, but I'd say gin & juice for alcoholic and peach iced tea for non-alcoholic 5. probably Rihanna or something 6. either adid...
add punishments for unsporting behaviour
Time to ban the entire pro scene OMEGALUL 5/8 passable bait
Sri Lanka, Swaziland or Kiribati imo.
most hated player v2.0
Me too. I can't stand him.
ur city is known for?
Apple...that's pretty much it.
Went to Rio for the Olympics in 2016. Food was fucking great, the scenery was really pretty and the people were very friendly as well. I'd definitely go again to different cities in the future.
Billie Eilish is younger than you and she earns millions $
I don't feel bad because she's most likely an industry plant anyway.
I guess your iq (very serious thread)
140, but close xd
I guess your iq (very serious thread)
1.Rocket League 2. Too many. Maybe currently Future Bass or Lo-Fi. 3. Grant ft. McCall - Wishes 4. Big Hero 6 5. 20 6. Team Liquid 7. Shahzam 8. I speak two well, one fairly poorly, and I'm currently ...
stop being hateful
House Music
I r8 your smartphone
Samsung Note 9
420 recap thread (SMOKING COMPETITION)
I smoked 2 fatties and 1 smaller joint. I'm boring.
Liquid vs ENCE
Will they bump up the match start time since Na'Vi won a bit more quickly than anticipated, or will they just stall out on Analyst desk until 10:50?
bad sides of your country
1. All of it.